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For those of you who have been doing the diet for a while now...

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
How on earth do you get the big numbers?!

I have seen people on here who have been on the diet for quite some time who still manage to lose big numbers each week. How oh how do you do it. I've averaged to 1lb a week now. Don't get me wrong i'm far from dissapointed because i'm still losing. but i must admit it makes me lack in motivation somewhat!

Where as if I saw a big number on the odd occasion it'll spur me on. But no matter how hard I try it's always a pesky pound!

Share your secrets!!
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mine is usually when ive been good one week, then lost say half a pound, and the next week it all comes off in a bigger loss of say 3lbs!!!

Or if i have gained i tend to lose lots the next week - it all averages out for me tho -my average weight loss is 1.2lbs per week! xxx
I have been doing this for a few months now, and I am CONSTANTLY shaking my diet up, and trying different things. This has the benefit of keeping my body on its toes and not letting it lapse into a false sense of security. So, fe, the fish week. I hardly ever eat fish and my body didnt know what had hit it when I ate LOTS of it in a week. Red days are good too, carbs are not my friend so that helps. The week after I did a red fish week, I did a scanbran challenge. It has really helped to get things moving (and in the scanbrans case, in more literal terms...!!!!)
reducing portion sizes, completly changing my healthy extra for the week. e.g alpen lights to fibre plus (mixing them doesnt work for me, i have to have the same one every day more or less)

Less fruit more veg..

tonnes of water and a bit of exercise.

generally being relaxed tends to ensure me a better loss

and keeping syns to below 8



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I lost 3lb this week and I have no idea how....? I did a week like the last couple of weeks food wise....sometimes there is just no reasoning with this SW thing ....as long as I lose its fine by me
My C always suggests variety to keep the body on its toes.

I lost 5lb last week which is my highest since my first week. I really dont think I lost all that in the one week, I was just TOTM bloated the previous week so the scales showed one pound off where it was probably 2 or 3. Similar thing happened previous TOTM when the scales showed a gain of 1.5 but then a 4lb loss the following week. TOTM def provides random scale readings.

Other than that I have had a few 3lb weeks but that I think is down to me exercising a lot on top of following the plan. I do 2 body pump classes each week, one spin class, swim a total of one mile and do a lot of walking (I dont own a car). I think the body magic really does add to the body optimising.

I also think its easier to lose more if you are bigger. I have only just dropped into the 14s but I expect smaller regular losses the nearer I get to target.

Oh, and I try and eat a good amount of super foods too like raspberries.