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For those who like to weigh everyday

DON'T. My weigh day is Monday but today I couldn't resist having a peek and guess what ..........I have gained 8lbs since Monday morning. Now I know I have not gained 8lb of fat but my ankles are like bucketts, I almost slosh when I walk so I know that its got to be water retention. But it just shows how weight fluctuates daily and can give us false readings. If you know you have stuck to plan 100% then you have nothing to worry about, trust the scales but only ONCE A WEEK. I will deffinately practice what I preach from now on. Good job I know I have stuck to plan though or I would be devistated by that reading and on fridge feast by now lol.
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I weigh everyday but only take note of my weight on a Thursday when I weigh in properly. If I don't like what the scales say I just ignore it lol but I do find it keeps me motivated and as much as I know it is wrong to keep looking at the scales I continue to do it.


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yes im right there with you as i am a scaleaholic normally everytime on toilet im on scales even just as i pass bathroom i have a peek and omg how right you are, but this week havent been to bad, i no i said was ditching them but have hidden them and i have wi tonight and had a peek and they look good but im hoping tonight lose 1lb so can get half stone :D:D


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My scales are broken. I am not getting my twice daily fix, but i refuse to buy another set. I have had to go cold turkey. i have not even got a scales patch, chewing gum or even a scales tablet. I have the shakes, nausea and hyperventilate when i go into tescos and see their scales. i have to be led away from it and then sat down with a glass of cold water. :D :wave_cry::wave_cry:

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Lol at Tara40!!
I used to weigh everyday, but if the scales didnt show a loss, I would eat something I shouldnt have (well the damage was already done right?).
Now, I weigh myself once a week and although sometimes it can be a little hard, I persevere.
And why do we keep our scales in the most used room in the house, I call it my little office, or to the other members of the house hold its the bog. Because its on the floor you automatically look at your scales dont you? What about moving them to another room where you dont have to look at em several times a day, or trip up over em? Would you have to go cold turkey and not be tempted to move em back. Ive tried this a couple of times but Im a recovering Scales addict too I stand up to that one lol


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Mine are in my kitchen cupboard so I get on them first thing in the morning and after that I don't bother.
Well I am following SW from home so am obviously weighing myself. Surprisingly enough I have stuck to only weighing once a week on my wii fit board. I am sure to put the board in the same place, weigh at the same time and wear the same cloths to avoid differences in weight!


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oohh have they got scales on the wii fit. We are buying my two youngest a wii for christmas. might slip in the wii fit for myself though ;)

Mrs V

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Dont bother with the reading from the Wii Fit scales, as one they arent calibrated and 2 you wont be weighing in the same place. You could also be weighing on carpet (not a true reading) and also at different times of the day.
My wii scales put me at 8lbs heavier from 1 day to the next, so never, ever pay any attention to the results!


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Constant weighing is on the list of self sabotage pitfalls for SW. It's a definite no-no.

A woman at my class weighed herself at home yesterday morning and it showed a gain of 5 lbs. She said she was like a bear with a sore head all day, really depressed and down in the dumps. When she came to weigh in class, she'd LOST a pound. So she had a rubbish day all day for nothing. It's not worth the head-game you're playing with yourself if you weigh constantly as it's not really giving you any helpful information.
Dont bother with the reading from the Wii Fit scales, as one they arent calibrated and 2 you wont be weighing in the same place. You could also be weighing on carpet (not a true reading) and also at different times of the day.
My wii scales put me at 8lbs heavier from 1 day to the next, so never, ever pay any attention to the results!
Mine are on a wooden floor. I always place them in the same place and weigh at the same time each week. I appreciate they are not collaborated but they are the only thing I have to weigh myself. There is a chance they could be out slightly but I'm happy with it. I may be losing more than they are saying!

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I play around on my scales but they are so rubbish I don't trust them much. Maybe I trust them to the nearest half stone, LOL...

If I put my weight on my toes, or heels, it makes a 4lb difference. Then they are about 3lb less than the scales in class. Then I grab a pot of hair gel to make up the weight, because in class I wear my shoes to be weighed. Then I squint and estimate where the needle is, because it has faded and looks just like the background. Then I try to compensate in my head, if I've just had a poo or a big drink. Hahahaha!

So yeah, wait until class is good advice.


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My scales keep being moved by other people in the household who don't realise that they need to be kept in the same place for them to be any good.

I agree with the scales on the Wii Fit though - they're no good as a real indication of weight loss/gain. You're better off going to Boots once a week.
I weigh myself often through the week. On my first week my weight went down every day but weighed myself today and it hasnt changed since monday which is depressing as I am sticking to it 100%.

I will just wait until Monday now...


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i used to weigh daily and in the nude to incase my clothes weighed if i didnt like what i saw id move them to another place see if that read better,if i lost i would think wow and eat that chocolate bar thinking i could then have a shock when i actually wi at class realising i shouldnt of had that chocolate,so in the end they went in the bin and i just weigh once a week at class
I weigh myself every day. Always have and always will. ! !
For THREE whole weeks, I didnt lose an ounce, and I still weighed myself everyday. But because the scales didnt move every day it didnt mean that I would run out and eat chocolate or go off plan.
Not everyone is like that.... I think its all to do with the person, and how their perceive what they see on the scales.
If I weigh one day and I have stayed the same I tell myself ok, I need to look carefully at my menu for today and make sure 100% that Im sticking to it, and be strict. If I weigh and I have lost I tell myself well done, you are sticking to plan correctly...keep doing that. If I weigh and I have gained, then I tell myself right ok, Im making a boob somewhere and I go down and look at my menus again and see what I have been doing wrong. Or, for instance, this morning I have a pound on, but I know that I have been sticking to plan, but I know that I am constipated at the moment, so thats probably what it is. I havent run to the nearest shop to gorge on chocolate... everyone is different, and I know I need to weigh everyday.


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I weigh every day (and more than once a day) mainly, like debbywebby, so i can think yes i'm doing that right or what haven't i stuck too! Sometimes my weight doesn't alter for a whole week till weigh in day and then voila there goes 2lb, so i know not to worry if i stay the same...basically i feel i need the reassurance!

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