For those with younguns in prams....

Happy Holidays

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I used to use the disabled loos when mine were in prams.

As for the second question, I've no idea, but I'd love to know the answer:D


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See that's what I have tried to do but they are always shut and you need to get someone with a key and then theres no one around......

I was busting yesterday and a woman bless her offered to watch my son, she was like I am a mum and I know what it's like I know u don't know me but I am ok honest. But I just walked with a waddle back to my car and ran when I got in! X
I got mine from the baby show - think there called buggy brolly or something similar. Sure you can get them on line on amazon or somewhere alike. Maybe a google search coz kiddicare might sell them too :)


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Get yourself a buggy brolly then all you need is a catheter fitted and you're all set for a day out lol


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Being serious though if I was desperate i would go in the end cubicle and pull the buggy up to the door so the wheels were poking under so I knew baby and buggy was still there then i would do the quickest wee ever!


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must be a chick thing... if it's only a pee and it's a ladies only loo then just leave th door open and wheel the pram in after you..

it's not like you haven't all got the same equipment..
blokes don't even have the sideways privacy, we have to sidle up next to the bloke that might already be there and get on with it..

there is however a set of unwritten rules for this..
if you're first in then you go to the furthest end / one, next person in goes to the other end one..


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I usually have one in a buggy and two older ones in two, we either find a disbled loo or I leave the door ajar so I can still see them all.
Buggy brollies are amazing I got one and they're really good and the mitts that attach are too.