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Former Lipotrimmer - Do Not Get Dehydrated!!!

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Hi all... I am a former lipotrimmer, have kept what I lost off since last year.. I am just posting to reiterate what lipotrim themselves tell you DRINK LOADS AND LOADS OF WATER..........!!!

About a month after I came off lipotrim I suddenly one evening keeled over in absoloute pain, more pain than my three non medicated labours put together. I honestly thought I was dying... the pain went after an hour, and I have had constant pain on the right side of my lower back since.. my kidneys.........

It turns out that I had a kidney stone, it passed, and has caused scarring on my kidneys... this, my doctor said, is probably down to the combination of being mildly dehydrated for a prolonged period of time, along with a high protein diet rich in minerals such as calcium.. causing the minerals to deposit in my kidneys, causing the stone...

If you are doing lipotrim, or any diet that can cause dehydration, and any diet that is high in minerals, you HAVE to drink at least three litres of water a day.. some days while on lt I managed this, others I was not so good, drinking far too much black coffee etc. which in itself causes dehydration... DO NOT FOOL YOURSELF if you are not drinking enough water.. I am 33, and the constant pain, along with the fear or the extreme pain returning ( I was literally screaming and my partner was extrememly upset and disturbed, as were my children and I never want to go through that pain again) if you are bnot drinking enough water, or think you cant cope witht he amount of water you need to drink on this or any other ss diet, then plain and simple, dont do it... it isnt worth it... I know this is my fault, not LT or anything, but just wanted to post a warning to those of you on lipotrim to make sure you are drinking the water, not substituting the water with tea coffee, and not allowing yourself to be even mildly dehydrated for a prolonged period of time ( 2 days or more).. you really dont want the pain I have now and no matter how many pounds dropped in how short a time, it just isnt worth it.. If you are on LT now, go and have a big big glass of water and keep it up everyday, and dont fool yourslef like I did thinking on some days a litre and ten cups of coffee is enough, it isnt and you can get serious health problems x hths someone x
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Thank you for the warning x x
Thanks Tasha, its easy to drink too little water on some days and think it wont really matter but you've proved it does thanks for posting xxx


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Ooh thanks, hadn't even thought about that tbh. Sounds horrible! Hope you're all better now and a huge well done for keeping it all off!

Paula xx


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Going to bump this thread as I'd not read it prior to starting lipotrim. And even if I had probably wouldn't of paid much attention to it.

I'm currently sat in a&e in excruciating pain. All signs point towards a kidney stone, had an X-ray, now had a nurse tell me she's getting a surgeon to see me as I might need surgery.

11 days into lipotrim and yesterday was the first day I didn't drink at least 2 litres. Possibly unrelated, if it is then its probably my fault for not drinking enough yesterday. But it's making me think about continuing
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Oh CP78 i really hope you're ok! When i was on LT the first time i got gallstones, they were excruciating! I would have needed surgery but they settled -and i know could strike at any time :(
Really hope you're alright, let us know.x

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