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fortnightly wi today!! wish me luck!

hi all good mooooorning!!!

im conciously trying to be jolly here!

im never online this early. its my wi today at 3.15 after work.

i dont know why but im dreading it n looking forward to it at the same time lol. ive been 100 % but feel heavy i sp need a good loss (psychologically!) they have beem slowing down so much

so hees hoping!! fingers crossed

have a good 100 % everyone

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Good luck, Shell, I'm sure you will do really well. x


Slowly but surely x
good luck darl x
How did it go, Hon? :)
thanks guys!!!

what a long day thank god its friday huh.....

Anyway my fortnightly wi today......... 7lb off :D im pleased with that!!!

thing is, i did say if i had a good loss i would allow myself the evening off cd tomorrow for this big familly reunion meal thingy but now im thinking shall i really ruin it?? lol so addictive isn't it!

ps i tried the fruits of the forest shake for the first time today eeeeeeeewwww vile it went down the sink!

hows everybody doing anyway?

well done !! great loss :)

why dont you have a CD friendly meal tomorrow ? if you still to protein and green veg or salad it wont have much effect on the plan :) I would go for something like a grilled chicken salad , or chicken with green veg . you dont need to ruin it , but you can still enjoy yourself
Well done, Hon! That's a great loss. :D


Slowly but surely x
fruits of the forest makes me gag, id rather drink liquid manure

and well done lovely x
thanks you guys :17729:mmmm manure pmsl really just kidding
yeah think i will but will see how i feel in the morning.

main reason for that is that if i do eat off plan i want it to be a 'planned' thing even if its planned on the same day i still get to scave the feeling of having lost control.

i am aware of the aloud veg on ss. but if im to forget kals temporarily and concentrate on staying in ketosis what other veg is ok anybody know??

id love roast onion and coliflour cheese or however you spell it
yayyy well done chick xx


My husband = My hero
wowie miss!! 7lbs woohoo!!! xx
Fantastic Chel!! Well done you!xx

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