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found this on ebay do i get it??

You get it for free once to become a member, don't buy it on eBay!


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oh thanks i didnt know if u get anything from meetings. thanks
The starter packs on Ebay could be months or years out of date - howwever I think Ebay is good for any recipe books that old members may be passing on. I recently bought two and even though they were a few years old and didn't include Extra Easy I could still work out the syn value and they were very good.
I wouldn't buy the starter pack from Ebay as others have said you'll get it in your first meeting at SW. They have some great recipe books too, at a reasonable price (compared to weight watchers). So save your cash till Thursday!



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Depending on what offers are running, your first night will probably 'only' cost you £15 or less, and that included your joining fee, first night's class fee, and the starter kit you saw on ebay - so you'll be quids in by going to class, even if you never go back ;-)
Just checked the SW site, current "offer" is half price membership, which means you will pay £9.95 when you go on Thurs, and that will cover your joining fee, that weeks class, and your new member pack.

So no, definitely dont buy it.

By the way, that offer runs until November, so wont change for the next few months.


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Everything you need to get to grips with the SW plans. Have a look at the ebay item if you want! lol
You'll get a new member 'talk' from your consultant, a starter pack, they sell the magazine at a discounted price and recipe books. You also have 'Image therapy', where everyone discusses how their week has been and everything. Then at the end, she'll ask if you want to join and then you get weighed and pay.

Then after that you pay and weigh at the beginning of meetings and have image therapy :) xx
I went to my first meeting last week. Had to sign up and pay first, no image therapy and all she really did was read out everybodies losses or gains:confused: I say first as I have dabbled in it before but it was the same then. I think it was the same consultant as well but can't remember. Same place and time though.


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u get weighed at the end!!!!! i will be so heavy by that time

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