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Freaking out slightly...

Becca Wecca

skinny minny here I come!
I weigh in on Sunday's at home, well since it's mid week I thought I would take a sneaky peek (I don't know why, but temptation took over)

Well anyways, it says I'm 2lb HEAVIER!!!! why?!?! :(:cry:i'm really upset now! I've not done too badly this week, i had a bit of a slip up with some bread but that's all. Can't see how i've put it on!!! Shouldn't have looked I know! But I really wanted to have a good weigh in this week, and now it looks like i'll have put on :( So annoyed.

What can I do to make it better by sunday???? Help!!!!
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That is exactly why I don't weigh mid week anymore. It gives a false reading. throughout the week your weight does funny things, at least mine does, up and down and all around LOL It also depends on what time of day you weigh and what surface etc the scales are on. I was told that over the day, your body weight can shift about and have a difference of up to 2.5lb and thats why you should weigh at the same time of day when you weigh.

Keep to plan and stay away from the scales, and you may be pleasantly surprised on sunday.


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I am a weigh a day addict and its a bad habit, your weight can change every day and not always for the better, if you have stuck to plan 100% then dont worry about it by sunday your goodness will have paid off x
Just remember, you have done REALLY well so far, so even if it's not the loss you expect on sunday, you've come so far in a short space of time.


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When i got back from holiday my scales said i gained 3lb (there usually good) and in weigh in i had just gained 1lb, your weight changes through out day so if you really want a sneak peak try do same time however you might get that 'buzz' feeling if you wait til weeks up.x


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Just carry on 100% (including your allowed HE and syn allowance) and stay away from the scales. Drink enough water too! If it's not close to the time of the month it could be other things (constipated, water retention) which could show a gain. Keep going and don't worry you'll be fine!

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