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Green Day Free cheese and spinach canelloni

Hello - kinda pinched this and adapted from a recipe in the mag recently. Tin of spinach in water, well (and I mean well) drained, 2 cloves garlic, finely chopped red onion and half tub quark, salt pepper, mixed herbs all mashed up and poked into canelloni tubes. Carton passata with herbs and garlic - spread a bit on base of dish, lay filled tubes on top and cover in passata. And - only if you fancy it, it doesn't need it - a hex A's grated cheddar on the top. Whack in oven on 5 for bout half hour....lovely lovely! Served up with green beans like a good EE girl!
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yup - in the aisle where you find kidney beans and the like - it's a bit of a faff to drain it off properly but where it's all mashed up it goes into the wee tubes a treat - plus with fresh spinach you just get sooo much of it that i never get round to using it all!


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Sounds lovely...I suppose you could use frozen spinach instead?

Thanks for sharing x


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Have this in the oven - fingers crossed I followed the instructions properly!

How many did it make for you? x
With one tin of spinach i think i filled about 9 or 10 rolls so (sadly) split it with OH....and served with salad...yummmmm! I'm still hungry after a stirfry!


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It was delicious! Thank you so much for the recipe. OH loved it loads too!!! :D I added a whole tub of quark and it filled 12 tubes - so made it into two meals...one split between us for lunch tomorrow!

In my Sainsbury's, they were near the dry tagliatelle. HTH
I shop in Tesco - and yep - near the dried stuff - in a yellow box....bout 2 quid so not cheap - you can make your own by part cooking lasagne sheets and rolling them but i didn't have a lot of luck with that!
I will try them too, has anyone tried to make a creamy pasata by adding low fat yogurt???? And I will try frozen spinach, not sure if the tin stuff will be all that nice.Thank you though <:O)
Made them yesterday, kids and I loved them . I added fresh basil, lots of garlic and mushrooms to the sauce. But sadly the quark curdled, has that happened to anyone else????? Maybe I did something wrong...fab recepie though. Will cook it again .Thank you
It didn't curdle for me - wonder what happened to yours :(

Glad they liked it anyway! x
Hmmm - doesn't curdle for me and i've made a few times....wonder if it's your mushies? when i've included 'srooms before i've cut them up tiny and fried them off first to get rid of all the juice..... give that a go xx
I really fancied calleloni tonight and when i went to the cupboard I found I didnt have any left so Ive given your recipe a go but ive tried it with lasagne sheets instead of tubes and put a layer of tinned tomatoes, layer of lasagne, mixture, layer of lasagne and then tomatoes....havent had any syns today so ive treated myself to some parmesan cheese on the top....... will let you know if its successful.......
I have this in the oven now but decided to add a little beef stock and mine to tomatoes, onion and herbs to make a kind of bolognese sauce to go over it and then covered with grated cheese! It's smelling lovely, can't wait for it to be ready :) Thanks for recipe!

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