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Free food is sooooooo expensive


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It can get expensive, especially when you first start and buy everything that's 'free'! Thank heavens for beans, eggs and potatoes, that's what I say! Try and buy stuff thats in season, do you have a fruit and veg market nearby, they're cheaper than supermarkets. And don't forget canned vegetables, they can save money as they don't go off.


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It's cheap for me as we grow veggies..we have fresh peppers, onions, carrots, courgettes aubergines, sugar snap peas, butternut saquash and of course not forgetting the good old tatty spud :D Oh and herbs and salad too.

Oh and tomatoes, well thanks to Jamie Oliver, this year we are growing god knows how many different types, but they include baby cherries, yellow, green, black and beef to name a few

You should maybe give it a go. Even my friend who lives in a flat has grown her own her veggies :)
Seasonal fruit and veg doesn't have to be expensive especially if you make sure you buy those grown in the UK. Mullerlight is free and it is usually on offer this time of year

Aldi has fab deals on veggies and you can also use frozen varieties as well if you like.

Try to buy local if you can as the local farm shops tend to be more reasonable as well. I find that I save ££ on my groceries if I cook more as well, and I also shop tesco and buy their weekly 1/2 price fruit and veg



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i do agree that it is expensive but when i look at what i used to spend on crap food before it really is not that bad xx


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it's funny how i'll happily splash out £3 or £4 for chocolate but begrudge paying £2 for a punnet of strawberries!

pasta, beans and some veg aren't pricey at all. lidl has deals every week on their fruit and veg. i imagine red days can be very expensive, but they all work out cheaper than takeaways, etc. :) ...that's what i tell myself anyway!!!


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Ang and Mod-Karen - You are so right of course. When I think what we used to spend on fast food, take-aways and sweet goodies I blush!

And I completely forgot about Aldi and Ldol for veggies and fruits - DOH !!

Will take a trip over there tomorrow.

Stephcracknell - I love muller lights. I have a fridge full of those because Asda were doing a great deal on them :D

Nanny Jax

getting back on track
Today in Lidl they had whole cucumbers at 29p, I had just paid 70p in Asda, ouch!!!! They and Aldi have some great deals on fruit and veg at the moment, and Sainsburys have 6 packs of mullerlights for £1.65 till the 10th, and Asda have the same for £2.00 till I don't know. :)


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I actually find it cheaper! If you do greens it doesn't get much cheaper than a bad of spuds, a pack of pasta, a tin of beans and a box of eggs! You can make so many different meals and snacks from some of the cheaper ingredients and it's all good. and fruit and veg doesn't have to be expensive if you go to the right places


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Oooh hubby just brought some freshly laid eggs from his boss at work (he keeps chucks. Some were ex battery hens...aww sweet). Thats another thing that costs a bit. So hopefully it will be a regular agreement :)


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Oooh hubby just brought some freshly laid eggs from his boss at work (he keeps chucks. Some were ex battery hens...aww sweet). Thats another thing that costs a bit. So hopefully it will be a regular agreement :)
im lucky aswell as my mum&dad keep chickens so i get them free xx
I agree regarding it being sooooooooo much cheaper than takeaways and all the crap I used to buy. Had to laugh at Mod Karens comment about not batting an eye lid bout the amount of a big bar of choc but begrudging (in my case raspberries!) We're fortunate, we get lovely free eggs from my dads uncle who has got chucks. I dont do green days and buy all my meat from the butchers, to be honest I would pay all the money I had to be slimmer (Im lucky Im already 'healthy' well as healthy as a 15 stone 24 year old can be) so spending money on food and swimming and the gym is a small price to pay for my future happiness body wise! xxx


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Couldn't agree more Rainbow, I think nothing of paying my monthly fees for martial arts as without it I would probably put all the weight back on. I think most of us would pay anything to get the bods we want and I too have my health and I'm very thankful for that
if you find fruit and veg expensive at the supermarkets go to your local green grocer and buy only what you need


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Of an evening popping to local shop we would spend about £2 on pop £4 on wine £3 on Choc and £2 on crisps!!! £11 and that excludes "Can I have a magazine mam" " well if he's getting one I want one" which can bump the trip up £8!!! I am saving money buying fruit and veggies from a shop in town! :)
Great thread btw, i have to say that Mullar lights are not as cheap as i used to pay £2 for 4 !! eaak. Ilove a big bowl of savoury rice with salad. 54p in tesco BARGAIN!!

I would think nothing of buying chinese on a friday £20+ then a kebab one night in the week for me and hubby £15 so when you work it out how much free food you can buy with that i suppose its not that expensive. Eggs are fab, baked beans, potatoes etc. experiment.

Ruthy xxx


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I am finding it expensive too, tbh, green days are fine, but red can add up to quite a bit:rolleyes: I am defecting and going back to CC:eek:

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