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Free Foods !

Andy R.

Time for a change
yeah, but you'll be bored of it on no time lol. im sure one of the threads on here is dedicated to helping new members. So much choice on either plan, and thats not including extra easy. But have a looks around and you'll find loads of useful advice


Ancient Egypt Nut!
The omlette wouldn't be free on a red day because of the potatoes which would be a HEB (198g new pots with skins)


Vegetarian who lives2eat
Why not try snacking on low fat cottage cheese,free, you can add fruit or peppers or cuecumber to liven it up, if you do some green days you can always have mug shots or pasta n sauce.
ok thanks for the help guys one more question is this free food all the time,

an omlette made from 6 eggs, tomatoes and peppers?

Please note the omlette is pizza size and i cut it into 6 and eat it throughout the day....... Thank :D

Mrs V

Loves Life!
The omlette that you are eating on through the day is free on both days Hun.
Fat free yogurts! I love toffee mullerlights & my consultant says eating 2-3 pots a day is good as low fat dairy breaks down fat (which I didn't realise) x

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