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Free/Low syn 'eat at your desk' brekkie and lunch ideas?


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Hi ya

I work in an office, have access to a kitchen but do not have a lunch break. I eat my lunch and breakfast at my desk.

Any ideas of easy stuff I could eat at my desk?

(pasta and similar would be fine, but im pushing it a bit with jackets ect)
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if you dont mind eating SW quiche you could munch that at your desk if you chop it into small bit size pieces

Also mini omlettes take egg, grated carrot, courgette and chopped up small pieces of red pepper whisk up the egg put the veg in a silicon muffin mould top up with egg and put it in the oven till its baked they are nice cold if you put lots of veg in them and its chopped up in small pieces

SW falafel are really nice cold and can be dipped in a syn free dip made with whizzed up cottage cheese and mint or quark and mint or any other herb you fancy


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For breakfast I pack a tupperware type box with my HEB of crunchy bran and some chopped strawberries/raspberries. When I get to work I pour a yoghurt over the top and munch on that at my desk.

Or I make some SW rice pudding while I get washed/dressed and take that with chopped fruit.

Make some magic porridge the night before and you can just lift it and run in the morning.

Why don't you get a lunch break, it's a legal requirement that you get a break after (I think) 5 hours.

But for lunch, try soup, pasta/rice/cous cous salads, quiche, frittata, filled rolls, ryvita/pagen krisp rolls with cottage cheese and baby plum tomatoes. You just need to plan ahead because if you leave it to the last minute you won't have time to think and will revert back to bad habits.
I quite often eat breakfast and luch at my desk (I teach in an FE college - although we have lunch breaks these are often spent marking/ planning lessons/ sorting out problems etc). For breakfast I either have a shape yogurt, fruit and an Alpen Light bar, a smoothie made with frozen berries (Sainsburys do a bag in their basics range which is only £1), a bannana and some VLF greek yogurt, which I take to work in a travel mug.

Lunch is either leftovers from the night before plus salad, couscous made at work (just need a kettle and a bowl) and salad or SW quiche, which I throw together before I go to bed and put it the combination oven to cook (I can set a time limit and the oven turns it self off) and just chop it up in the morning and stick in a container with (yes, you've guessed!) salad. Tomorrow I will be having homemade dal and rice (with salad) as I am cooking it for tea tonight. I don't mind eating it cold.

I always make sure I have fruit (normally grapes and apples) in my desk drawer and I take a yogurt and Alpen bar in most days in case of nibbles. I also have a jar of mint Options for those moments when I need a bit of comfort - but I have to make sure it stays well hidden or else my colleagues will use it all up.

Although it sounds a bit boring having salad everyday it really isn't as you can ring the changes - on a Sunday I use my food processor to grate up a load of carrots, which I keep in a Lakeland stayfresh bag. I also make a bean salad (mixed cooked beans, loads of apple, celery, spring onions and a strong hm vinegarette) plus lots of bits and pieces in the fridge. I just have to grab what I want the night before and spoon it or do a minmal bit of choppingto have a tasty salad. (I normally make a tzatziki, on a Sunday, with VLF greek yougurt, chopped cucumber and/ or spring onions, mint and salt (no garlic as I teach 1-2-1 or in small groups and am careful not to have smelly breath!) to act as a salad dressing).

I love couscous, especially when it's cold outside, as you can have a warm and tasty meal for no bother!


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a smoothie made with frozen berries (Sainsburys do a bag in their basics range which is only £1), a bannana and some VLF greek yogurt, which I take to work in a travel mug.
I really hope that I'm not the bearer of bad news but you do know that smoothies are not syn free?
I know, but I just can't get my head around the fact that if I measure out 70gms of frozen berries and wait for them to defrost and eat with them with a spoon they are free, but just by wizzing them up in a blender they suddenly become synned. So what I do is to make sure I weigh out the berries, so I'm not going berserk with them and don't syn them.

Although it's not 100% the SW way it does work for me - as I have a large amount of weight to lose (100lb is just what I have to lose to get to the obese category!) I am in for the long haul and need to find ways to make this work for me. When my weight loss slows down/ stalls I will have room for manouver - by sticking strictly to the diet, at that point.



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Mugshots are the normal thing i have at my desk. Always have fruit and berries are great too cause you can pick at these all day and dont feel tempted by the snack machines or sandwich vans.

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