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Freezing Your Meals.

Hi there

I am dayshift 8am til 8pm sat, sun and mon and was wondering what meals i can get to take into work. I have just bought a slow cooker and read that it is good to freeze meals. I have never done this before!! What can you freeze? I only have a microwave at work so would need to be something that could just be heat up. Only get 30mins so need to be something quick!! Thanks in advance x
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I always do this, i tend to make huge vats of chicken and veg stew and then freeze small portions to take to work to defrost in the microwave and ten have it with bread...lovely! i also do it with curry and chilli and put a bit of brown rice in with it.
Hi Debz,
I always do this! Almost everything that I cook I freeze a portion or two, label them up and whack them in the freezer. It's good to have a selection in there of ready made, good for you, slimming world meals. I freeze all sorts, chilli, lasagne, curry, soup, stew, almost anything. I also freeze rice with my curry, I know a lot of people worry with freezing rice, but I have always been fine :s I think the rule is to cool it down quickly and only reheat it once.
I also make cooked breakfasts of scrambled egg, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and beans and put them in takeaway type tins, store it in the fridge overnight and just reheat the next day. Perfect :)
It's always easier to stay on track when you are well prepared. If I don't have anything ready made to take to work I always make lunch the night before such as salad etc.
Enjoy experimenting! xxxxx
Thats great, thanks!!! I have always been a bit funny with freeazing meals but think it will be best for me to stay on track. I have been slacking a little the past couple of weeks so i need to get myself back on track.
I bought frozen tuna steaks last night from Iceland. It says that you cook them from frozen. I am going to have 1 tonight with potatoe wedges. If i enjoy it, do you think it would be alright to cook again, let it cool down for an hour or so and then freeze to work? I wasnt sure as the tuna steak has already been frozen before cooked.
sorry for the 1 million questions but i need to get myself more prepared !!! x
Haha that's ok, preparation is definitely the key!
I'm not too sure about refreezing them and heating them again, although I probably would with my stomach of steel I'd hate to make you ill!!! What about cooking them, then chilling in the fridge to take to work the next day? I always do this with meats and would do the same with fish.
Mmmm tuna steaks, sound good though! They would make a delicious lunch! Think there is advice on the internet about reheating foods on the food standards agency website, may be worth a look just to reassure yourself? xxxx
Yeah that's an idea. Ill maybe do that if I like them lol. Just about to make then but only 1 problem! Iv ran out of kitchen foil !! Aaarrrgghh how am I, iv just bn shopping :( do you think greaseproof paper would do, its all iv got xx
Yeahhh greaseproof paper should be grand, are you baking them? Could always use a non stick baking tray if you have one, might need a little coaxing off the tray but should be fine. Alternatively you can usually pan fry tuna steaks, not too sure with them being frozen but have a little check on the back of the packet :) Hope you enjoy them xxxx


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I'm always freezing portions as I do shift work too, haven't done tuna before but have cooked frozen prawns and then frozen the meal and I suppose that's the same and it's never effected me.

Problem is sometimes when I freeze things they get freezer burn, doesnt seem to effect the taste though and apparently if you put a bit of cling film over the food before freezing it stops this but I haven't tried it yet.
All I hv put in the freezer tonight is homemade soup for tomorrows lunch. Dinner at work will be baked potato and savoury rice.

Can you freeze the homemade potato wedges. Was going to make a batch after work tomorrow.night for sundays dinner x
great thanks. Do you just make them as normal with the paprika, let them cook and then freeze? Sorry but i am learning :p do you leave them to defrost or put in the fridge?


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I would par boil them then when they are cool, freeze them on a tray in a single layer so you don't get a frozen mass of chips/wedges. Cook them from frozen, allowing a bit more time, and season during cooking.


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Thanks for the tip about the chips and wedges, I'd been wondering if you can freeze them :)
I also freeze quiche as well :)
Once you have frozen the chips/wedges on the tray you can put them in a freezer bag so they take up less room in your freezer. Just as convenient as having regular oven chips in your freezer...
I absolutely agree! I freeze all my meals, as my other half and the baby eat different to me. So I always make lots to freeze. My method is buy loads of food on payday and the frozen meals are there for when the cupboards are bare near the end of the month. Perfect!


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