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Frenemy!! Friends/ friend who sabotage my weightloss!

I have many of these sabotours in my circle and I am affraid they are going to have to sod off till at least I have been dieting for 21 days.

This is the time frame I think it takes for me to get in 'the diet zone'. They are usually skinny and love to tell me how lovely I am as I am. Even though I weight a good 4 stone more than them.

They invite me round for tea then present me with Pizza, cheese smothered pasta or say I couldnt be bothered to cook and throw me a take away menu from my fave indian. No wonder I lose my willpower!!! Jesus......... ha.

So dear frenemy's im replacing you with these guys until you stop being soooo nice and kind and feeding me up for christmas sod off:wave_cry:...

Do you have mates that fatten you up? Id love to hear about them.

Luan xxx
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I think everyone has mates that fatten them up. You see there's this voice inside our heads that says "Hey, if X is fatter than me, I'm fine." So we try to keep X fat rather than either be content in ourselves or change ourselves.

But if you keep going long enough, and get past that three week mark, maybe they'll get in the zone too, for you. Once, I had a friend go on a proper diet, a friend I'd always tried to make eat her veggies, because her mother never did. At first, I just wanted to shove candy down her throat. When I began to see the effects it was having on her healthwise and clothing wise, I really began to support her and help her out. It's always touchy of course, because you don't want to say, "Yeah, you could do with losing a few pounds" to anyone, even if you know they know it. Maybe your friends just don't wanna hurt your feelings. But hopefully you can get 'em on board sooner or later. It's so difficult to lose weight anyway, even when you don't have people throwing food at you from all directions.

At least it looks like here you'll never have the problem of diet saboteurs :) everyone seems really supportive and positive


Loves Slimming world!!
I know what you mean exactly! My circle of friends are all size 8-12 and never really need to diet. I would tell them about being on diets and things then go to one of there houses for a girls night in. Which usually involves crisps dips and all the bad food you can think of!! So i know where you are coming from.

So i think i might have to try your method too!!

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