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Question. How often do you "go" on SS? I am taking one teaspoon of fibre-sure in the evenings before I go to bed and it has all been ok until now... It has beeb 2 days and nothing... I'm used to going at least once a day so this is weird for me!!

Wanted to know if I should wait a little longer or get some form of medicine to help shift things...

Advice please??

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I would use some medication as soon as possible. Most definately before weigh in.


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Ok, I shall pop by boots on the way home from work (seeing as I can't go out as I don't have the will power to not drink quite yet) and get things moving! Any suggestions? Any brands as such that work better than others? x


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I used to go everyday pre CD/W8, but only go once every few days now, twice a week maybe. I wouldn't be worried about 2 days... Do you feel bunged up? Its just some laxatives can be barbaric on an empty tummy:(

Movicol is the gentlest, but you must drink lots of water, as it works by pushing water through the bowel (so the gentlest of the laxatives)

Thinks like Senakot/dulcolax are harsh, they make your bowel contract.

Lactulose works by sofening the stool.

Not sure which ones are allowed on CD though.


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Thanks for the advice! If I still have no luck by Sunday, I think I'll give it a go then!

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Every two to three days is my pattern, if I go any longer I pop a senakot


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Thanks Witchy. It's nice to know that I'm not weird then!! ahhaa. Thanks! x
Definitely not weird, Alli. :D

It's something I have to remember to remember, LOL. I generally take something if absolutely nothing's happened for 3 days.

I'm sure that getting bunged up has led me to fall off the wagon in the past - that's why I'm guzzling as much water as I can manage (don't worry - somewhere between 3 & 4 litres each day :)).

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Pre CD i was going twice a day! Now every other day and im only 8 days in.

If i feel bloated or bunged up id soon take a senakot to get things moving.

Give your body chance, it was used to solids and now just liquids so your bowel will store for longer as not so much is "passing".

Patience is a virtue right?



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If you're not feeling bloated or anything, I'd resist taking any medication for now.

You're not taking in as many solids as you used to so there's not as much to come out!

If I haven't been for about 3 days, I usually have a really strong black coffee and that seems to do the trick!

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