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Fresh start no messing about now !!!

ok this is it now, for real!!!

started sw 4/5 weeks ago, done ok but went away and also kidding myself that I could still cheat a bit.

But after listening to a woman at class on thursday, who is miserable cos she s only lost 7 lbs since Jan, admit when pushed " well i just keep messing about and if theres cake for everyone else i have to eat it" I just thought ...

  1. what a waste of her money.
  2. she looks so miserable but its all her own doing
  3. i am not going to be like her !!!
  4. i want a good steady loss each week from here on in
  5. the red wine has to go !!!
So there you go, and now my hubba has joined no excuses.

we have had some fab meals this weekend and they were all packed with superfree foods.
Luckily I love to cook, and Im pretty good (hubba was a head chef for years and he loves my food )

we ve dumped the wine and him the lager and we re going for it now.

Ive changed to a thursday class now too, which i think will suit me better as to be fair, i do like a little drink at weekend, I work really hard and I love a few to relax, but i realise that Ive got to modify what I have.

Im clearing the house of the BAD foods.

Really going to make an effort to get out with the dogs more too.

There, rant over!!!:bliss:
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Well done for drawing the line and for getting back on the wagon.

See less of you next Thurs! ;)
Shrimpy, thanks

You ve done so well, it's really great to see.

Did you have a wobbly (ha ha ) start too ?

I am so sure that sw is great, just need to recognise my weakness sometimes and avoid at all cost.

I'm only cheating myself and my pocket otherwise, and even if I have a steady slow loss that's fab.

Are you super organised and plan out your weeks food ? Or did you at the start ?

All tips gratefully received x

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S: 13st6lb C: 8st12lb G: 8st11lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 4st8lb(34.04%)
It's taken time. And many weeks of being ultra good and it not being reflected on the scales, but it came off!!! :D

In my first week I ate 1/2 a pizza from Asda's fresh counter before realising it was 10syns a SLICE! Aaaaah! But I goty back on and the weight has come off.

I had a rarther slow loss 1.2lbs a week according to my bad calculations... but focusing on each small step made all the difference.

I am not organised. I cannot do planning. It makes me feel like I'm dieting- and that leads to falling off the wagon.

All I can say is, have a huge range of foods in and keep some easy stand by meals ready for when you can't be bothered and give yourself the treats you're allowed. :)


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That's great! It really sounds like you're in the right frame of mind for SW now :D

Best of luck!
Just think it's up to me really, and I want to lose weight.
Good thing is I feel like I can tell the truth on here and get the support, thanks guys x

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Ok today has gone well. Oats so simple and strawberries for brekkie, more strawbs and muller for snack, super noodles and banana for lunch, just about to have bowl of super speed soup the dry fry egg, sw chips and mushy peas, not bad at all seeing as I was working at my managers house today who doesn't need to diet and usually makes cheese on toast for lunch (I went prepared).

Could do with some more fruit tonight tho but can sort that!

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bit stressed, just got my period.. feel really really bloated and uncomfortable !!!

this is what happened my very first week and despite all my efforts I didnt lose a thing... please please dont let that happen again, ive been so good... ah well got till thursday i guess .... arrgggghhhh x
Had awful stomach cramps, think it may be the mushy peas, combined with the lentils in my hm soup, oh tonight is not my night, peppermint tea should help, hubba just went to make me some xx

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Still felt iffy this morning, but had to work....

Had a little brioche with choc chips to help me on the way...he he (6syns) then a banana.

Then for lunch had m&s brown rice sushi (need to check the values) edamame beans, grapes and water (so saintly)

Dinner was Spanish chicken stew, spring greens and rice.

Not too bad really, I ll go onto the sw website to fill in my diary properly , wish we there was an app to do it on here !!!!


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Ok, today,
Mini brioche and coffee in car whilst driving to Bangor north Wales.
Half a pineapple
Pack of crabsticks
Skinny caramel iced latte (6syns)
Water and diet coke
Quorn chilli and rice and plate of spinach/watercress/tomato salad
Pepsi max

Looking at that just realised I haven't had my a or b choice..... Can the skimmed milk from the latte count ?? Or does that HAVE to be synned?????
Will have a hi-fi bar later as a supper treat.

Haven't really been eating as much last couple of days.... Think I really need to see a loss this week to boost morale, feeling a bit lost with it all.

On a plus note my wedding ring is spinning, so hopefully that's a sign?

Not even sure I can get to W.I tomo night as at a week thing, going to try and catch the end of the class at least, run in for the weigh in!!!

Positive thoughts required .....


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