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FRIDAY! Hour by Hour!!

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Hi All,

Yes another week gone. And more importantly more weight gone.
Its been a really hard week for me, not diet wise but emotionally not sure why I just felt so down and so sorry for myself. I had a good :cry:last night and today I feel alot better.
I did learn this week that food was definately my comfort, or in extreme cases a reason to feel more sorry for myself again. The fact that I did not stray of the path is a very big thing for me and it means I am finally learning that I am strong enough to deal with the little hiccups without food or a bottle of wine.

Its Friday, yay looking forward to the weekend. I have a friend bringing me a treadmill he does not use anymore so I will be able to do loads of steps with no excuse not to.

Have a fantabulous day everyone!


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Morning Everyone!

Have to admit I am feeling very down today.......... But I haven't strayed and more importantly I don't even feel like I want to either!!!! YIPEEE for that

When I feel like this that is all I want to do is eat!..............

good though as people are starting to say they are noticing a difference so thats nice

Have a good day everyone
Morning all, hope ur well, had my WI last night, 2 days earlier than usual and only lost 2lbs, but i guess thats still something, was hoping to be below the 14 stone mark, but hopefully next week :)
Morning all- had a bit of a rubbish few days too- must be something in the water!
am really struggling to finish all my packs and am just feeling down in general- tbh really missing my social life :(
oh well- todays another day.
and my 2nd weigh in tomorrow which is defo something to look forward to!
Morning all,

I am down too, feel a bit of a failure at the mo. No dont worry not giving up, but I need and blxxdy good slap. It seems I may be frightened of success and have to try and sabotage it. But that damed little demon who comes along just as I am doing well is NOT gonna take control again. OK it nearly did, but somehow I have come back to the land of the living.
I am really gonna struggle as I may be out of Ketosis, so will probably shouting for help a lot.

I am sorry to hear some of you are down, perhaps we need to think of something that will cheer us all up. I am gonna start a stupid game on a another thread called the person below.

Well done all you losers:D.

Right everyone who reads this has to SMILE and keep SMILING for at least 5 mins non stop - I am now.:)
TFI Friday!

Cheer up you lot that are feeling down, you are achieving something wonderful by sticking to this plan and should be feeling really powerful that you have the courage and determination to say no to food and alcohol! I know I'm proud of the lot of you!

I couldn't stay to class last Friday as I have been ill so am really looking forward to catching up with my fellow dieters this week. Don't think I have lost anything though, as I have hardly moved all week and a couple of days was not awake long enough to drink all my water or eat all my packs. Must fous on the bigger picture - 1 stone 1 pound lost so far!

Whatever you are up to, I hope you all have wonderful weekends! x
Well now managed 2 1/2 litres water and just had tai soup.

Feeling a lot better about success. Hope everyone is enjoying POETS day. No work tomorrow for me.:D:D
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No feeling down for anyone today - it's not allowed by Katie law!

Don't know about smiling for 5 minutes though Lady, bit worried I might get locked up :D

Had training this afternoon and everyone was tucking into tea, coffee, hot chocolates and biscuits and I just had water, water and yes more water ---- I was bl**dy freezing LOL.

Am made up it's Friday - no work yippeee .... though hubby is working all weekend so it's not quite as good as it could be.
Happy Friday all!

When I was a wee Curlygurl, growing up on on a small island in (off) Ireland, we used to go and pick rushes on the 1st of February to weave crosses for St Bridget's Day. We'd make a few, for our own house, and our grandparents and any of the old people in the village who didn't have any grandchildren to make them. So 1st of Feb has lovely memories and associations for me.

So now, even though I'm a very fallen Catholic, and living and working in the big old city, I like to make a bit of time to get outdoors and look for the first signs of spring. Had a good old stomp round Greenwich park. The daffodils are in bud, the squirrels were looking frisky and although it was cold, the air felt fresh, and there were a few patches of sunshine warming my face.

So a good day generally. Makes this mad diet easier, and keeps it all in perspective.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Nice on Curly!!!! :) I love hearing old traditions. That is something we lack in America. That sounds like a lovely day!!!

I had a good day to, albeit at work. I knew I had a busy day completing an artistic project....if you can call it artistis....had to design and decorate a giant whitboard to inspire the team. But it was good - I was on my feet all day - 7000 steps already and thats just a day at work and then getting home!

Save all my packs for tonight, so I can have a Friday night feast!! haha]

Having a chocolate hsake with coffee now, over ice.

Just made crisps for later...will have crips and soup and then lemon cookies for a late movie.

Hubby working tonite, so me and the cats will curl up.

Mabe having a nice bubble bath after the shake.

Been feeling like a locomotive today....lots and lots of energy, and a general feeling of well being! Great day!!
Glad your feeling so good BL!
Im feeling rubbish am run down with a cold- and there isnt much that I can take for it :(
Think an early night will solve it well!
On a lighter note- My size 16 jeans are MASSIVE for me now :D
went into town and tried on a 14 (before I started 2 weeks ago 16's was tight)
The 14 didnt fit completly but i can get them all the way up just cant do the buttons!
I left the fitting rooms feeling excited for a change (you all know that horrible deflated feeling!)
so this time next week I shall go back and buy the same pair- even if they dont fit yet its just a matter of time.
I remeber my school trousers was a size 16 so this is a big deal! especially as the next size down is a 12! so am very excited and in a strange way quite happy they dont fit yet cos its another target for me to reach!
Just wish this stinking cold would dissapear!
Have my 2nd weigh in tomorrow then im going to my works xmas meal (in feb i know- dont ask!)
The sit down meal is at 8pm- so am gonna arrive around 9.30! That way im not missing out and still get to be there! also I have a friend who is pregnant so we can be on the wine together :D
the trick is definatly to plan things.
The packs are starting to make me gag again- but im just putting that down to the fact that im ill- and never really want food when im poorly- especially the powdered type! :D
love lots xxxxxxx
oops i meant to say on the water together!!! hehe.
wishful thinking!! :D :D :D


Happily pro pointing!
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Kellie=];478871 said:
Im feeling rubbish am run down with a cold- and there isnt much that I can take for it :(
When I had a cold the other week I took beechams all in one tablets and they worked a treat. Don't think they effected me on the weightloss/ketosis front, and I couldn't see anything in the ingredients that would.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)
Aw, Kellie hon, I hope you feel better!!! Don't read my thread about my dinner - it will make you yack!! :D

Well, going to watch a few recorded episodes of Whose Line is it Anyway. I just love that show!!! Especially Wayne Brady. Its the American show. I llike the UK show too with one exception - I cannot stand Tony Slattery. Or is it Michale? <shrug>

See ya in a bit!!! <waves wildly at the crowd!> :D:D:D
S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
Hey Kellie good on you for being nigh on a size 14 --- woohoooooooo :D And a bigger well done to you for planning your night out so well, now that's what I call determination!

Those 14's will be 12's before you know it :clap:
hehe I know =]
the excitemet is killing me about my new jeans- which is amazing as I normally HATE clothes shopping =]
thanks guys xxxxx
Well I still having a crap time, more problems with daughter too long to explain, but it is getting me down a bit. Must admit our relationship is one of my biggest diet breakers so I need to get things sorted. She is not in the frame of mind to talk to at the mo which is even more annoying so I have got to hang in there and wait for her to come round. The boyfriend thing has caused more problems to her than I thought and I seem to be the kicking board at the mo.

Really struggling at the mo but hanging in there by a thread. Feeling miserable and weak.

Sorry to be a pain but I need a cuddle.
S: 258lb C: 228lb G: 168lb BMI: 35.7 Loss: 30lb(11.63%)

Hang in there honey. At least you didn;t have a bowl of snot for dinner!!! :D

Sorry daughter is having troubles. As hard as it must be, don't let her trouble become your troubles, if that can be avoided. Be there for her, but keep a line between her stuff and what you are trying to do!! If you are feeling good, and powerful and strong, you will be more help for her! :)

I'm sorry its been such a tough time for you!!!

Chin up matey - tomorrow will be bbrighter!!! And if it's not, we are all here to catch you!!

S: 17st7lb C: 11st6lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 6st1lb(34.69%)
(((((hugs for Lady))))) Please don't let what's going on with your daughter effect your diet - I know what it's like having problems with them, mine is 19 and we've been through some rotten times the last couple of months but you've got to try and distance that side of your life from her and her troubles as much as you can..... and I know that's not always possible but it's for your own sanity.

We're here when you want an ear xx

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