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FRIDAY - hour x hour


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Yay - it is Friday!

Well the loads of energy seems to be kicking in and I wake up early and ready to go.

I spoke to my LLC yesterday and she is very pleased that I will be starting again with her next week. I will have got through my remaining soups and shakes by then.

It seems quite warm today but a little moisture is in the air. Hopefully we will have a nice weekend.
What are all you losers up to? :)
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Morning Losers
Busy day here for me today hope you are all well
with good results for all with wi's today
Hey Losers :D

Im off to Edinburgh this weekend to go shopping and to see Razorlight. I haven't seen my friend for a month so it will be good, she lives 5 mins from me but im a stay at home and she is a hard working girl so we are both in different worlds and its so hard making time to see each other.

Im feeling hungry and tired today. Its not a massive struggle but I am finding that I am drained, I think I will take a walk into town later and buy some nice smelly stuff for the bath and have a quite night!

My OH is annoying me his whole days off he spends eating and cooking. He is doing a fry up now, its not that I want to eat it but that is all he does FOOD FOOD FOOD, he goes to the gym loads and is trying to put on weight... I HATE HIM


Guess who's back...?
Hi everyone - YEY IT'S FRIDAY! I'm feeling pretty good today to be honest - although got my second BP reading later on, so I'm hoping it's come up a bit since my 92/60 yesterday - otherwise I think my GP will pull me from the programme... sob... but all that aside, I'm feeling fantastic and can't wait to get home to a nice hot bubble bath, good book and the prospect of doing sweet FA until Sunday night's WI! Woop woop!!

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Hi all,
I'm off to work soon & then I've got two early shifts over the weekend. So I will probably be so knackered I'll have to take to my bed when not at work LOL.
Good excuse to catch up on some movies.


Fighting Demons....
Good afternoon losers!

Haha!! I love that!

I am lying on my sofa having taken most of the day to get out of bed and get down stairs. I am having a sick day because quite frankly, I can't move. I went to a rock gig last night and my whole body, especially my neck and back are killing me.

Plus I can't hear a damn thing for the ringing in my ears. I have been here for 2 hours now and I am trying to muster up the courage to move to the kitchen for a hot chocolate. I know it's going to hurt!!

B x


Fighting Demons....
I have to go to my grannies now. I can't get up the stairs to get dressed because I am in agony, so I am going in my PJ's!

At least Grandma will look after me when I get there!

B x


Guess who's back...?
Awww Bekimo!!! Don't know if you deserve sympathy - sounds like you had FAR too much fun ;) Hehe!
Hope your achiness (sp!) subsides a bit x

Just back from the docs - PANIC OVER! He did my blood pressure again and it was 107 over something and he was happy, so PHEW!

On the down side I've been told I've got 'high knee caps', lol, which are causing pain in my right knee from a tracking problem in the joint - grrr... now I've GOT to go to the gym (on doc's orders!) and work on my quadraceps! Gulp!



Fighting Demons....
Yey on the blood pressure front Anna, not so much fun on the knee pain front, but at least you have a road to recovery even if it is in the form of the gym!

I have decided there is no hope for me. Rebellious child voice wins everytime. I know that I should know better, I am not 15 anymore. Moshing is not a good idea, but hey, it was good fun at the time. And my hearing is slowly returning, Adult voice is telling me to buy ear plugs for the next one!

Oh, and I did come to Grandma's in my PJ's. A man outside my house nearly fell off his bike when I came wandering out in my winnie the pooh pyjamas!!! It's not good for my rock chick image this!!

B x
Busy week-end comnig up...................

Saturday evening going with friends to see live jive music band. Will be wearing my new high heeled boots !
OH very pleased.

Sunday evening going to see Ralph McTell with my brother.

Monday evening WI followed by visit to the theatre with OH to see Agatha Christie play "Then there were none"

Must find time to go to work Monday too.

Busy, busy, busy. lots of energy now. making up for lost time.

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
Anna glad to hear your ok & you can keep going with LL.
Sorry about the kneecaps though.

Goodluck everyone for the weekend, Friday nights used to be my 'fall off the wagon day', Fridays symbol the end of the week to me, its takeaway & treat night.
Gotta stop thinking like that.

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