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Friday night!


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just playing on here!! stopping me from visiting the kitchen!
went shopping today for yet MORE clothes, I even found stuff in GAP to fit me! thats a first!
have a nice evening everyone!
aw i used to love gap when i was thin!! they have so much funky stuff that u dont get in other shops! im also focusing on here and not the fridge!! :)


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I was NEVER thin!!
Its been so lovely to go in "Normal" shops instead of good ol' EVANS! and buying what fits rather than what i actually LIKE!
I even bought a size 14 shirt/dress thing that I NEVER would have thought of in a million years! (bum is still laggin behind in the 18's tho I might add!) and it was a GENEROUS 14 !!
oh god tell me about it! evans, simply be and occasionaly george at asda are the best i get these days! To be honest since i got this big i havent bought myself much at all-- go between about 4 diff outfits--- just means wen im thinner i'll have money to spend on clothes as u say i actually like rather than wot fits!!!
i go on holiday in 9 weeks and i would just love to be even an 18 to get some nice clothes for it---im a 22 just now and started ssing on wednesday!
and for my birthday in november im aiming for a size 12 and then christmas a size ten leopard print mini dress!!!! ambitious i kno but it keeps me going!! im 23 years old and never in my life have i wore a skirt above my knees!! even wen i was size 12 i still wouldnt!!! this year will be different!!:)
How long u been on CD FYP??


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been doing it since 4th JAnuary 2008 (about 13 wks? i think) its getting harder, I keep picking at things (this week 2 slices of dominoes pizza!! it just FELL IN! my mouth)
Ive actually just got to the point (after 4 stone) have had to sell all my fat clothes on ebay coz they just looked ridiculous! (nice feeling I know) and have had to buy more clothes (shame) Im size 18 in NEXT (another shop i love!) and you will defo be an 18 by your hols. I did read somewhere that every 10 lbs is one dress size (or something like that?!?!)
just watching the soaps aswell here.nothing exciting! I soo hate clothes shopping although as i see the weight coming of me im starting to enjoy it more espec since i can now get clothes in other shops apart from evans its a fab feeling!!
I too watched the soaps - do people think David has a plan or does he really want to go to jail?!!

I was clearing out some cupboards today and found this gorgeous little black skirt I bought about 18 months ago when I lost 5 stone and am now determind to get back into it!! I'm restarting tommorow and have loads of stuff I can't wait to wear again!!
i think he really wants to go to jail but then i am always sucked in by him!
my friend actually hates him she turns the channel round wen he comes on lol
i just watched the last two episodes ever of friends and am now sitting blubbering like an idiot!!
im so emotional just now! u think its coz of cd?
has anyone been watching that dirty sexy money on channel 4. that's quite good. i've lost all contact with soaps at the mo. it's usually bath/bed time in our house. oh and then other half comes in so i'm sorting tea out. i'm thinking of restarting cd. just been such a pig over this last week. i lost 15lb in 3 weeks. then canncelled my appointment for last monday thinking that i could live on slim-fast milk shakes as it would be cheaper. have gone to work this week, had milk shakes but then biscuits and cake. i'm even sitting here now drinking my last glass of wine. was gonna tip it down the sink but thought i'd come on the comp before bed to see if anything was happening so it's sitting besides me

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