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Fried Eggs?? Lets Discuss

I think this is because the fat isn't really absorbed into the egg, unlike a lovely fried mushroom which soaks it all up! If you put a tbsp of oil in a pan to fry an egg and measured most of it afterwards, I doubt much would have been used up.

Same goes for fish from the chippy, it's free if you take the batter off....
I do mine with fry light (very low heat for what seems like forever!!!).... doesn't that make them syn free??


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Yes they are free when done with fry light, but i got one from work canteen not bad half a syn for a fried egg :)
Seems to good to be true!! I can never get mine to cook properly when I use frylight as it is overdone on bottom and gets stuck to pan and snotty on top. Would love some tips. I tend to stick to poached or boiled eggs now because of it.
I spray with sprylight, put in the egg, turn down the heat a little, then cover the frying pan with a saucepan lid. This seems to then cook the top so its not 'snotty'. Works everytime :0)
Yes, my frylight fried eggs aren't quite right, so I always poach mine. I have chickens so I always have super fresh eggs & can just drop them into boiling water for perfect eggs :D

fancy some now LOL



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It helps to have a great non stick pan, my fried eggs come out perfect everytime. I use cooks essentials pans from QVC!
turn the heat right down you have your pan too high as its cooking the bottom before the top. Sometimes if i have the pan too hot take it off the heat and you'll find the egg will still cook.

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