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Good morning daily threaders

Hope that everyone notches up another good CD day.

Can't quite trust myself yet when out and about; for 2 days running I have wanted to get my grubby paws on some naughty non-cd food items. I am proud of myself for resisting, particularly for finding new ways to deal with stress (for example, speak to a supportive friend, colleague or manager) rather than dive into the biscuit tin. And it worked - 4 days of full SS+ achieved.

My kettle has decided to retire, so I will pop into local town centre for a replacement. Otherwise nothing much happening, other than to work from home.

:patback: Best wishes to all, and a special pat on the head for anyone struggling a bit x
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BlingBabe :) Congratulations on your SS days - well done for resisting the temptation! Hope you find a nice replacement kettle. They don't use kettles a lot over here although the main hypermarket here - a sort of asda type place now stocks 2 models of kettle! A Spanish friend eventually bought one after seeing me use mine for my soups and came back after a week saying how amazing it was not to have to boil water in a pan! Strange isn't it - something that we take for granted ie every household having a kettle - and yet it is such an alien concept to others!

Hope everyone has a good day!


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Good morning one and all --- best news is.... it's almost the weekend ;)

Really happy this morning as my scales are showing a 2 stone loss since I started the diet - not got a weigh in until the 15th so hopefully by then it will be showing on my cdc's scales too!

Not too far off being in the 17s now, should be there in a couple of weeks - can't wait!

Right best get off and get to work - got a lovely finance meeting this morning, can't wait ;)

Hope everyone has a good day ---
Bling enjoy your shopping - really great that you're still SS, you've done so well.
Alex love the fact there's only 2 different kettles, how cute is that :)
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Good morning.

I'm on day 3 today, feel quite hungry but I'm going to be strong. Busy day at work, then my husband is going out tonight so I will probably have an early night to stay away from temptation.

Hope you all have good days.


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EEEEEEEK!!!!! Getting weighed today, been good so 3lb ould be good to see gone!
Have a fab day everyone & keep strong xx

Trim T

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Blew it big time yesterday, feel really crappy about it but today is a new day. Got work this morning, then i shall go straight to the gym.

lots of water today will hopefully help to repair some of the damage caused by last nights binge! boo hoo

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Morning ladies :) So far so good, I had my 3 litres of water on Wednesday and my sachets, yesterday i had 4.5 litres of water, 3 lots of green tea, 2 sachets, one bar and a mousse oh and some chicken last night. That sounds like a lot doesnt it.
I had the bar between my shakes cut up i to bits. Stopped me eating the delicious choc rolls HR brought to the office :D

Even with all of that my scales reckon i am now 11st 11lbs :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek: 4lbs off since Wednesday night, surely not?! I know i hadnt been to the loo in quite some time and over did the water yesterday but my god 4lbs is a lot!!
I'm hoping the 11st 11lbs stays on the scales for me over the weekend :)

Today only have two choc shakes with me at work, no bar, saving that for tonight to pick at whilst im on the pc :p

Marvellous Friday for me so far :D :D :D


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Well I am back on it 100% today. Getting weighed in half an hour and absolutely dreading it. Am sure I have gained after the crap week I have had. Never mind, on ward and (down) upward.

Got docs at 10.30 as I have a lot of pain in my heel when walking. I know exactly what it is, but need to see doc to get referred to get it sorted.

Then I am wrapping my sons birthday pressies and sorting out his birthday party for Sunday. Can't believe my baby is 4 today. Happy birthday Ben.


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morning girls hope everyones having a good one

happy birthday ben!

well am feeling a little better today so am on the water trying to make up for yesterdays deficit

nothing much happening here today, catch up on chores, have a nap, lol
might be nice and make stuff for those two or i might just go for a nice walk


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Morning all :)

Well what an eventful morning I have had...asked hubby this morning for 70p as I was short for the bus (buses much cheaper here than petrol in the car!) he didn't have it - So in a mad dash I left home 10 mins early and went to the shop to get cash back. Get there, all ready to pay for bottle of water and magazine - chip and pin machine not working :mad::mad::mad:! So in a mad panic, I ran home to try and catch hubby before he left for work to give me a lift (i'd have missed the bus by the time I got home anyway! :sigh:) On the run home I did a 'classic Emma' and fell, resulting in my trousers ripping :eek: :mad: So I arrived home in tears by this point :cry:

Hubby grinned like a cheshire cat when I got in telling me I looked 'cute' because I was hot and flushed...WTF???? :confused:

I ignored his unhelpful comment and ran upstairs to find a pair of trousers to wear (my jeans are in the wash along with the other black trousers) So I had no other trousers to wear! Then I remember that last week I bought a size 14 pair of trousers as my insentive to get into...I had no other choice. Expecting to have to get my granny pull-in knickers on I was absolutely gobsmacked when they fit just fine without :eek::eek: !

I was then very pleased with myself, what began as a awful morning, ended on a complete high :D Oh I did get a lift to work by my lovely hubby, who got an apology and a big kiss ;)

I'm not settled in work with a warm mint choc shake and I'm calm as can be and very very pleased that I am in size 14's!

I hope everyone has a wonderful day today :hug99:

Hugs x x x


Going for Goal!
G: 13st0lb
Emma! What a result xx

True, I am very pleased :D They are a little snug, but they zipped up! lol Will be nice when I am comfortable in them! Saying this, before CD they wouldn't have got as far as my hips! So it is another fab milestone that I have reached YAY! :D:D:D


hoping for a good loss
S: 18st4lb C: 13st7lb BMI: 30.5 Loss: 4st11lb(26.17%)
Emma, thats fantastic, no wonder you are chuffed.


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Well done Emma, so glad that they fitted and that they put a big smile on your face ....... plus I do think your hubby's comment was cute too ;)


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Well done emma!! x x

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Well done Emma...what a way to start the day!! :D

I've been a busy bee today running all over London! I got lots done though. My evening will be spent pampering myself and attempting to design a website :eek: This will be an abomination as I'm useless with this kinda techno stuff ;)

Have a happy CD day everyone!


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Well done Emma. dont it feel great to drop a size!! GO YOU!!

and what a day ive had! lol

to start i was on a high last night after losing 8lbs so stayed up late knowing i had to be up for 5am and in work for 6am . finally went to sleep and alarm went off, so as ever i snoozed it only to later find at quarter to 6 i had turned it off. so mad dash to shower, get dressed and get to work. got there at half 6. so wasnt bad at all.

work went well, drank 1.5litres and had one shake. had my second shake when i got home while munching a little bit of chicken. general house work followed and then cooked a lovely curry for my OH. i had plain chicken with pepper all over. yum!

still felt abit peckish as its TOTM so had my last shake and a pint of water.

still on a high though!! :D