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Frightened about first weigh in

Hi everyone, just getting a little jittery about my first weigh in tomorrow. I can't really say that its been as bad as I thought it was going be- bit of a relief really to have all food decisions taken away from me. I know my stomach is giving me a big thank you because its having an enforced rest. Thing is i've sorta built up the amount of weight i want to lose in my mind this week and if i don't lose that amount i'll be really disappointed. I'm frightened that it might turn me back to binging again and i couldn't bear that. I really need to gain some positve thinking for tomorrow . For now I have every intention of buying another week's supply but what will the scales reveal? I'll post my loss tomorrow, hopefully it will be something to shout about.
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it will be worth shouting about hun.
you'll be fine.bet you have quite a big loss actually.

if it's less than you were hoping for don't be put off.
i'll bet it will still be alot more than what you would have lost healthy eating x

i know what you mean about the rest from food.
i find it a big help not having to think about it.

good luck for your weigh in.
i'll keep an eye out for your post saying you can't believe you've lost so much ;)
Good luck for tomorrow. my first weigh in is tomorrow morning so we can celebrate our fat loss together!!

I'm sure you'll have a lovely surprise when you step onto those scales.

Thanks tafflass, i know i'm being really stupid and yes your right it will be more than ive lost on regularly diets which frankly have been soul destroying. I'll look out for your post tomorrow Chooky. Mines at 6pm - good losingX


Back on the diet train...
hey its my 1st weigh in tomorrow to. im really nervous but it shud b fine. just fink its better off than on. :)

fingers crossed hun.
Good luck to all on their first weigh ins tomorrow!! xx
Hi i was the same, im heading for my 2nd weigh in tomorrow and ill be delighted no matter wat coz its been such an enlightening experience. i was terrified and excited at the same time before my first weigh in. No matter what you lose be proud of it coz with this diet it will change your life as well as you losing incredible amounts of weight!
Good luck - sure you'll be fine :) if you've stuck to it 100% you can't fail!

As for what you may have built up in your head, try not to be too disappointed if you don't reach it because we are *all* different and no two people lose the same amounts every week.
Well done for doing your first week!!

Good luck for your first weigh in! I'm sure it'll be fine, if you've stuck to the programme then there's nothing to worry about, but, don't be disappointed, everyone loses at different rates! :)

Thanks everyone, really good to have such fantastic support.

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