From flabby to fittie!! (mostly red days)

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    Hello Minimins!

    I've been following Slimming World for two months now and only managed to lost a dismal 2lb :( Now I must admit to having a few meals off plan in this time, but I would have hoped that the weight would be shifting a little faster. I have been following extra easy and making double amounts of my tea to take to work at lunch, having looked back over what I have eaten I have noticed that this has meant I've been consuming A LOT of carbohydrates! Now I know you can eat these freely on EE, however I do think that they may have contributed to me being unable to lose weight. With that in mind I have decided to try and ramp it up a bit by switching to red days, my mum did these and lost weight quickly and easily and cutting out white carbs is what most health & nutritionists suggest is the key to losing weight! I'm not overally clued up on the red plan having never followed it before so I thought that I would start a diary so you lovely people can point out where I am going wrong and also so I have something as motivation! I'm also logging this on MFP to try and keep under my recommended 1200 calories a day!

    Here are my goals for this week (weigh in is tomorrow so this is for next weeks weigh in):

    - Lose 2lb
    - Avoid 'white' carbs
    - Eat syns throughout the day instead of having an evening 'treat'
    - No crisps (I always end up eating more than one bag)
    - 10 syns a day
    - 3 x lots of exercise
    - Lots of SF

    Monday 10th July

    B - 1 x apple (SF) & 1 x nectarine (SF) + 1 x Aldi Benefit Apple & Sultana Cereal Bar (1/2 HxB)
    S - 20g dried pineapple (3.5 syns)
    L - Homemade butternut squash & coconut soup (2.5 syns), mixed salad of cucumber, lettuce & celery (SF), balsamic vinegar (F), 3 x Aldi crisp breads (HxB), 1 x laughing cow light cheese triangle (1.5 syns)
    T - Asda Butchers Choice Thin Frying Steak (F), butternut squash chips (SF), Carrots (SF) roasted in 2tsp honey (2syns), mushroom (SF) & red pepper (SF)
    S - 2 x Aldi crisp breads (1/2 HxB) & 30g cheddar (HxA)

    Healthy Extras
    Healthy Extra B (1) - 1 x Benefit Cereal Bar & 2 x Aldi crisp breads
    Healthy Extra B (2) - 3 x Aldi crisp breads
    Healthy Extra A (1) - 30g cheddar

    Dried Pineapple - 3.5
    Soup - 2.5
    1 x laughing cow light triangle - 1.5
    2 x tsp honey - 2

    Total - 9.5 (within my 10 a day!)

    Was struggling with hunger earlier but feeling full and satisfied from my tea & healthy extra snack :)

    Charlotte x
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    Sounds like a great day!! I too am doing mostly 'red' days this week. I like the flexibility of the 2 Healthy extras and cutting back on the carbs. I too had butternut squash chips last night - they were lush!!

    Having a cottage pie tonight made with carrot and swede mash - who needs potatoes eh?

    Hope you have a great week.

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