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From Lard Arse to Cheeky Peachy Butt - my 2014 Challenge

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Pink Robin, 6 January 2014 Social URL.

  1. Pink Robin

    Pink Robin Member

    Hi All

    Well today is the day I start to change my life, I am 44, fat and fed up with carrying around all this weight.

    I have kidded myself for too long that I look ok and now without a shadow of a doubt it's time to get a grip, grab the bull by the horns and be honest with myself, this fat arse of mine (and all the other jiggly bits) need to go, so today is the start with the aim of losing 6st 12lb by New Year's Eve 2014 - can it be done I wonder??

    I have decided to do Slimming World but from home for now, I have the books as I did join a class briefly last year but didn't find I got much from the meetings so I am hoping by doing it this way I will still get the support but without all the clapping!! I am going to put money in a tin each week so that I when I start to feel good enough to brave a shopping trip I will be able to buy some nice clothes, I wanna be able to ditch the fat girl clothes and shop in normal high street shops.

    So today is my first day please let me know if I am going wrong anywhere

    B/F - Oat so Simple Original Big Bowl made with water HEB - I know in theory its no longer a HEB because the normal sachets are only 27g and we are allowed 35g porridge oats but the Big Bowl are 38.5g and I read on here somewhere that for porridge to be HEB it needs to be 120 Cal and at least 3g fibre, well these are 142 cals and 4g fibre so I figured that I could use it as HEB plus 1 syn - don't know if I'm right but hey thought it was worth a go.

    Snacks - Grapes (before and after breakfast)

    Lunch - Tuna in spring water mixed with 1tbsp Hellmans lighter than light mayo (0.5 syn) and sweetcorn, large salad of Rocket, Mixed leaves, grated carrot, cucumber, tomato and celery plus Shape 0% fat yogurt.

    Dinner - SW chilli from the membership book and rice

    May also have a cheeky drink as well this evening, was hoping to give alcohol a break after the Christmas celebrations but it's my first day back at work today and I already feel like I have had enough so maybe a little drink to wind down later may be in order.

    I hope to become a regular on here and end 2014 with a cheeky peachy butt and make many friends along the way. Wishing you all a fantastic, successful 2014. Any tips, encouragement or pointers where I may be going wrong are very welcome x
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  3. dollah66

    dollah66 New Member

    All the best. I am in the same boat as you..tried a while ago and need to lose about 5 stone...I also don't want to sit through a class. I can't really afford £60 odd upfront too for the online support..So back on Minimins and hopefully by the end of the year I shall be considerably lighter...Fingers crossed
  4. Pink Robin

    Pink Robin Member

    Hi Dollah66, thanks for replying, yes we can do this, all I keep thinking is that I don't want to spend another Christmas sorting through my wardrobe trying to find something that covers all the wobbly bits, I was sat on the sofa over the break and my hubby grabbed the roll of fat around my belly thinking it was my boob lol - I don't know what mortified me more, the fact that he grabbed my fat belly (believe me this is a no go area) or the thought that he was under the impression my boobs were that low :eek: !!
  5. Pink Robin

    Pink Robin Member

    So day 2 and plan is:

    B/F - Oat so simple original Big Bowl (38.5g) which I am taking as HEB plus 1 syn made into magic porridge by adding 2 x shape yogurts and defrosted raspberries.

    L - Rice, prawns and egg mayo made with 1 tbsp. lighter than light Hellmans mayo (0.5 syn) loads of rocket, mixed salad leaves, toms and cucumber

    D - Chicken Pizza (using chicken breast as pizza base and topping with tom puree, mushrooms, peppers, onion, sweetcorn, cheese HEA), SW chips and salad

    Snacks - Grapes and possibly an apple don't know yet.

    Syns - Milk for drinks 4, Hellmans 0.5, 1 for the extra porridge allowance.

    Fingers crossed this is right
  6. Pink Robin

    Pink Robin Member


    Day 3:
    B/F - Magic porridge - yummy
    L - Tuna, sweetcorn and lighter than light mayo with salad & hard boiled egg (0.5 syn)
    D - Spicy rice with chicken and rocket
    Snacks - grapes, banana

    Day 4
    B/F Magic porridge
    L - Chicken salad with mayo 0.5 syn
    D - Mushy pea curry with chicken rice, really nice but a bit thick so need to add more water next time
    Snacks - Banana
    Also had couple of glasses of wine, woops

    Day 5 - Today

    B/F - Magic porridge (I'm becoming obsessed!!)
    L - Prawns mixed with mayo and tom ketchup (1.5 syn) salad
    D - Crispy coated fish (using smash), SW chips, Mushy peas and pickled onions
    Snacks - Banana

    Plan for weekend is to have KFC style chicken, chips and SW coleslaw for Sat night, then pulled pork with vegetable rice for Sunday. Weekends are a real danger zone for me so need to try and stay on track as weigh in day for me is Monday so fingers crossed.

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