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From LL to WW- Help!

Hey sorry for hijacking the forum here but ive been doing Lighterlife for 7 weeks now and have roughly 4 weeks left of abstinence. I cant afford to complete the 12 weeks of the route to management programme (refeed) so was planning on doing a low carb WW. Everyone on the LL forum is saying to defo do the LL RTM as I will probably just put the weight back on but i honestly cant afford it and im scared I will put all my weight back on.

Can I get advice on this please? Do you think if I switch to WW i will gain all my lost weight?


Thanks x
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Once you watch your carb intake I think that you should be fine. Of course you might put on a few lbs as you will be eating normal foods. But think of how much you are going to enjoy eating again. Once you don't go mental eating bad stuff - choccie, crisps etc...
Cool thank you. Yeah I was planning on going straight onto WW and just keeping the carbs down for a few months. and just do lots of of exercise. i cant wait to eat again and think i will be alot happier on WW. Its just scaring me that i might put alot of weight back on!
Hi Natasha, just seen your post. I think you already know what to do after having a read... just wanted to say I agree with you. I don't think you should completely cut out carbs as you will have to introduce them at some point, but keep them low and if you are into and do exercising as well...bonus! In 2007 I did really well on Cambridge Diet, I went to Glastonbury had a great time and when I got back it went down hill... I didnt stick to low carbs as I originally planned and did put the weight back on. HOWEVER. It did take quite a long time for the weight to creep back on if I am completely honest! Plus, I have never been one for exercise. So stick to what you have in mind and I reckon you will do just fine.

They say lots of water too!!

Thats the problem with these very low calorie diets.... you take in sweet f.a, its boring yet it costs a fortune! No method in the madness. But, it is worth while when we can stick to it and we see results, eh? :) Take care and well done, can see you've done well on your signature x


Girl on a mission
don't worry about gaining..the first gain is just water weight as your glycogen levels fill back up...that will go very quickly and then your weight will go down with weight watchers, don't panic if you see a gain and continue to count them points:D

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