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Frozen Grapes


I will be a yummy mummy!
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Having read about frozen grapes on here, I decided to give them a go and stuck a bunch in the freezer.

OMG They are DELICIOUS! Just like little ice lolly treats

(be careful if you've got sensitive teeth though - caught me out with the first one)

Just thought I'd share as a nice cool treat for summer :flirt2:
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They are amazing :D
I keep them in the freezer at my work, the workboys think I'm crazy!


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Hmmm.. dunno, lol. Maybe I'll freeze a couple and see. I do freeze my Curly Wurly's though.


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ohhhh i might try this! cute idea!


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I know this sounds like a crazy question but how long will they keep in the freezer for?
Doesn't sound like a crazy question to me - I want to know to.

I think I'll be putting some in the freezer at work when we go back to school. That's where I usually cave in to biscuits etc, so at least they'll be there to see me through the dark days!


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Wow not heard about freezing grapes, how long do they take to freeze and how long can you leave them in the freezer
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they are lovely, i think they wuld keep for months ive had some in their and they are fine. THEY CANNOT BE EATEN DEFROSTED THO. as they go brown and mushy,need to be eaten semi frozen and they are wonderufll!


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Strawberries and raspberries work well too! I got three bags of frozen raspberrries for £5 in Sainsbury's the other day. I eat the on their own, or in yogurts - they make it taste like ice cream! :)


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yup, a fave of mine, too. And green, rad and black ones all taste totally differnt and SCRUMMY when frozen!
I have seen packs of frozen grapes in Tescos, which are cheaper than buying fresh, but they has a strange texture and were so sticky I'm convinced there was added sugar in them?
I get through tons of frozen raspberries too, and like frozen 'nanas although haven't perfected the 'right' time to resure them from the freezer, before being tooth-break-able!


needs to focus!!!!
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i love frozen grapes..... oh never heard of frozen bananas tho, do you just put a whole banana in the freezer, still in its skin, how long do you put that in for? xx


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I'd thought of doing this a long time ago but never got round to it. I froze lots of bananas as they were going to go off otherwise but they didnt taste that nice frozen. However, berries are nice as is pineapple!!

I was lucky 2 weeks ago as I went to Tesco on Easter Eve lol and they were reducing everything to 3p-10p and there were a lot of the mini snack packs of fruit that normally cost stupid amounts so I bought nearly all of them and shoved them in the freezer for the kids to take for break time. Well I stole the pineapple "lollies" and theyre amazing frozen!

I will DEFO be doing the grapes though, thanks for the reminder x

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