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Fruit Smoothies


Restarting my journey :)
Can i find out what the syns will be?



Restarting my journey :)
Thanks, think i will avoid them then :)


need to be old goofy me
why is it that fruit has to be eaten in its natural state, but if you blend it, or stew it [without sugar etc added], it becomes syns?? Surely its still got all the same nutritional values... ???


need to be old goofy me
I don't understand it really! I wish there was a section in the booklets that they give you that explains the science behind it all...

thanks anyway. =]


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Fruit is high in natural sugars and you can eat more if it's blended down than if you eat it whole. eg if you have a smoothy there might be 6 apples 5 bananas etc etc in it but you wouldn't be able to eat all that whole. Also it takes zero effort to gulp down a smoothy yet you use calories to eat the fruit. That is why some foods actually have negative calories when eaten raw, like pickled onions, cabbage, cucumber, carrots etc


need to be old goofy me
Ooooh i see! That makes sense now...

Thank-you. :)
My understanding of it is that if you take 5 pieces of fruit and made a smoothie you could drink it within seconds were as if you ate 5 pieces of fruit it would take you ages and would fill you more as your chewing. I think lol
Yes, it's all about satiety - basically free foods are there to bulk out your diet and make you feel full (apart from the health benefits too, obviously!). If you blend all that fruit it won't satisfy you and you'll be hungry much more quickly than if you ate each piece individually.
I was advised to count sins from the pureed fruit in the list. I make mango smoothie just using frozen mango, low fat yoghurt and a splash of milk or water- chuck it all in the magimax and whizz, very delish brekkie for about 4 sins. incidentally, if you do the same but with less liquid you get a yummy ice cream consistency.

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