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Extra Easy fruit v veggies


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I think variation is key :) Have some of each. It all contains calories, but different vitamins and minerals.
I have read that bananas and grapes are not so good for dieting if you eat too many. But i never ever limit them, if i am hungry and have banana or grapes it is WAY better that choccy or crisps IMO xx
Fruit is a lot higher in calories than vegetables as it contains a fair amount of natural sugar. I have to avoid grapes as I LOVE them and will simply eat too many; 1 500g punnet contains about 300 calories and I could happily put away 2 punnets a day! This is an example of when you can take the concept of free foods too far!!
Depends on how much you eat - eating 7 apples a day & no other superfree is not great. General nutritional advice is that 2/3rds of your fruit & veg intake should be veg. You aren't necessarily going to get fat eating too much fruit, but as you get closer to target you could see a reduction in your losses.

However, if you are choosing fruit over a chocolate bar/biscuit to get a sugar fix, carry on - you're making a better choice after all.

As said before, variety is best - try to have a variety of colours as this will help make sure you get all the vits you need
Fruit acid is also not so good for your teeth! Everyone should aim to eat a rainbow...... No NOT skittles, daily!
V good point Shirleen - my dentist told me to leave it an hour after eating my bowl of fruit in the morning, or brush my teeth before eating, as the fruit acid softens the enamel on your teeth, so when you brush you are brushing the enamel off as well!!!

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