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...we're sinking deeper.
Yep.. Sugar is very high in fruit - which can a) induce sugar highs and lows producing excess hunger pangs b) has higher calorie count than vegetables (you're technically not supposed to exceed 800 calories per day on Lite) and c) Acidity (though this is debatable)
could someone please post something else as I see fruit everyday on this subsection and I am really having cravings for an apple.

dont know why, its the only thing tempting me .......what a rubbish trigger ay.

roll on week 5 of RTM


...we're sinking deeper.
Well done FF on abstaining! You will get there for sure, don't worry. While eating one apple won't do much harm to your diet physically, it WILL cause harm mentally on abstinence. So it's best to avoid.

To have cravings for apples is pretty normal, I have them all the time! I crave fruit MORE than cake/chocolate and stuff like that to be honest. I love apples. They're the best fruit ever! I can't have them at the moment through because I can eat a whole bucket of apples in one go - and that's no good either... :) So no fruit for me until I lose the weight!

But, I do find carrots a good substitute for the apple craving. Not as calorific, not as sweet, but sweet enough and delivers that satisfying 'crunch'!

This is a link to a website citing rough sugar content of fruit, and apples are relatively low. Low-Carb/Low-Sugar Fruits: A list of the best and the worst fruit for low-carb dieters.

So when you're allowed fruit on RTM I would definitely advise to stay away from grapes!! I have seen many people post LL (including myself!!) when confronted by them go into overdrive. A few grapes turn into a handful... then two... then the whole pack! :eek: After no sugar on LL for so long, the body is just not prepared for such a rush intake. So be careful. :)

This website is more comprehensive, so have a look! Fruit Nutrition Facts. Nutrient Facts For Fruits, Content Charts.
Gives you a breakdown of sugars, calories, fiber, vitamins... :)
ta for the links. few weeks yet before RTM and few more til fruit.

Rasps and blackberries...what more does anyone need. guess though eating a lb of them in a go is no good to anyone tho.

glad to see aplles quite low down.

mad that is all i crave really. must not give in.

thanks for the carrot hint, will do that once I am on rtm.

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