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I am new to this site and just need a bit of motivation...I have always been a ww girl and needed a new challenge so joined SW. Its been great, totally changed my diet for the better and I lost 7 pounds in 3 weeks. Just had a sneaky weigh in and a pound on this week (WI tonight) :(

I am very social, used to eat out a lot with friends and I am away a lot with work, I find I have to plan well in advance and am trying not to eat out on this diet to stay in control but feel I am missing out...and the way I am doing SW I seem to forever be food shopping and its costing me a fortune!

I also don't have any syns unless its a couple of wines at the weekend and some green days I will only have a yoghurt for breakfast, a mug shot for lunch and a Jacket pot for dinner, some people are saying to me this isn't enough??

I know I have raised quite a few points here, but I just don't want my weight loss to halt like it always does when I lose the first half stone, so any advice, tips or tricks would really be genuinely appreciated

Hope you all have a good week :)
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Nojo on the YoYo
Think about what you’ve said, re read it and then try and figure out where you’re going wrong. You said that you’re ‘forever food shopping and it’s costing me a fortune’ and then you said ‘I will only have a yoghurt for breakfast, a mug shot for lunch and a Jacket pot’ – whilst yes, this is true, I don’t think you’re eating enough, both things can’t be the same at the same time.

Write down a food diary, I know it’s been said time and time again, but you’ve gotta do it. And embrace the free foods, really. Counting your calories for your WW points as you go along might be tempting, and if you’re doing this, please stop!

I was a WW-er and I thought there’s no way I can eat this amount of points. I told myself that and had a miserable time on SW, until I did away with all their rules and just read the SW rules.

Talk to your consultant, maybe she can get to the bottom of things, but I think that you should start by looking at what you’re eating and being honest about what passes your lips, including ‘do you want a crisp?’ and ‘tea and biscuits anyone?’
Tea and biscuits are definately a thing of the past!!

Yes I have been lazy with my food diary this week, so I am going to be really strict with that and get my head back in it again. Its when I do red days I find it expensive but I think I am going to have to get more organised and plan better.

Thanks for the advice, here's to a better week :)
am very social, used to eat out a lot with friends and I am away a lot with work, I find I have to plan well in advance and am trying not to eat out on this diet to stay in control but feel I am missing out...

You are missing out! Why don't you eat out on this diet? That's part of the beauty of SW, you can eat out, even more so with Extra Easy. Steak, jacket or new potatoes with peas or salad? Jacket potatoes with various fillings, gammon, egg and potatoes, pasta dishes... I eat out a lot and as long as I resist puddings then It's fine.

I also think that the food you listed on a green day wouldn't satisfy half of my appetite!

If you seem to always be shopping then try planning your meals for the week, just work out your evening meals and lunches and then shop for those meals making sure you have lots of superfree foods and then you won't need to go shopping during the week.

Also, have some syns - if you don't have any then you are not following the plan properly, try to have at least 5 a day.

Hope this helps a little and good luck!
Thanks Jaylou, I am a bit apprehensive of EE at the moment as I am worried I will overeat but I think it would make my life easier! Totally agree about planning, I think my local supermarket would miss me, ha ha!

I try not to eat any syns in the week as I am normally out drinking on a sat night, would it be better for me to have a few in the week too? I just can't see how it can work, as I am full up and apart from craving the odd sweet things I don't need my syns so I thought I would lose faster if I didn't eat them?! I think my mind is still in '8 years of ww' mode, need to get rid of that.

You've done really well, and maintained it. Living proof that it can be done and I'm just being silly! Thanks for taking the time to give me advice, whatever the scales say tonight I am going to do this no matter how long it takes :)


Starting Again!
We have quite a few WW converts over here and the biggest challenge a lot of them seem to face is mentally counting points, even subconciously. I've never done WW so don't have a great understanding of it, but from what I gather on one of the plans you have to account for everything that passes your lips. With SW this isn't always the case.

Free foods are there to fill up on. Don't deprive yourself of anything as that will only work against you. The weekly vs. daily syns debate continues; everyones body works differently, but as long as you are having 15 per day or 105 per week (unless your consultant has suggested less) then you should be fine.

With regards to constantly shopping and costing a fortune I can relate! The best idea is to plan ahead, write a shopping list and stick to it. I'm really bad at that, but I try!

Best of luck hun,


P.S. Oh yeah, home scales can be different to SW scales by up to 7lbs, weights can also vary by time of day, type of clothing, type of scales and type of surface, so don't worry too much :)
Thanks Natt - you're doing fab too! I am so glad I joined this today as already I can tell I can get motivation and support :)

I have been having no where near 105 syns a week, do I really need to eat them, I mean will it speed things up? If I am hungry I have something off the free food list rather than something with syns, is this wrong?

Thanks for the support - feeling really motivated now, just need to iron out some of the rules and I am sure all will be good!
Hi there, from what i understand of the plan, you need to fill up on the superfree and free foods. From reading your post i get the impression that you are almost letting yourself go hungry which you dont need to on this plan. I also understand that you need to eat at least some of your syns, i am not sure how it works but i believe the SW way is to allow you everything in moderation. Also picking up on the eating out with friends why not use some of your syns for this and plan in advance. Hope this helps
Syns are a vital part of the plan, if you are not having them (same goes for HEx's) then you are not following the plan 100%. It's a myth that skipping your syns and HEx's and having minimal amounts of food will help your weight loss, it will in fact hinder it.

Have you given this thread a read: click here Hopefully it will help you understand the plan a bit better and how each bit works :)

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