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Fry light or alternative in new zealand


Keep on Truckin'
I haven't seen Frylite in Australia either. I use ProChef canola cooking spray and when I am behaving myself with the plan, it has worked well.


Keep on Truckin'
Maybe we should allocate a syn or 2 from our allowance each day to account for the spray oil. I don't tend to use all my syns which is perhaps why i have still been able to lose weight, either that or the syn value for a couple of sprays of oil is negligible.

I would just not overthink it too much and see how your weight loss goes using the spray oil you have. If you aren't losing pounds then maybe it might be a factor but if you do lose weight, then obviously it isn't something to worry about.

Suck it and see, I think is the phrase to use!

Good luck anyway! I have to be kind to the kiwis as we have one staying in our house with us at the moment ;)


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I can't find frylight here in France - so I make my own. Frylight is 55.2% fat, so I make up the same ratio using sunflower oil and water. As long as you don't make up too much at a time it seems to keep ok. Just give it a good shake before use.

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