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Fry light


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Fry light is brilliant...free of syns...and it's just fabbio. LOVE IT!


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yep - all free :D my fave is the buttery one - i fry everything in that ;)

they've also got a range of 'salad light' now that you spray on your salad - the caesar one looks good! all free aswell :)
Can you use the buttery one for potatos and toast, or doesn't it taste very nice?

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I think the buttery one doesnt smell very nice when frying with it; but the taste is fine. I want to give the salad ones a try though, they sound lovely!


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i use the buttery one and i use it on my roasties and they taste fine :) ...
I wondered if it would give a jacket potato a bit of a buttery taste if you sprayed it directly on top. I sometimes put the olive oil one on some toast to make it a bit moister, but it doesn't really have a taste.

I've never seen the salad ones. I have a feeling that someone on here said only one supermarket stocked them at present and I have a feeling it was Morrisions, but I could be making that up?!


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I have sprayed the butter one on boiled new potatoes and added a sprinkle of fresh mint, really good and all free
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Hello, I am a worker at MH Foods (we make the Fry Light and Salad Light 1 Cal per spray ranges). It is fantastic to hear all the good things you are saying about our products.

To help with where to buy and how to use our dietetic and slimming aids, please message me and I will try to help.

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I was told 5 sprays = 1/2 syn is this right?
1/2 syns? I hope not! I haven't hear that anywhere but you aren't allowed to pour it.

I get the salad light from Sainsburys.:)


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I didn't even know there was a butter one!! I'll have to research that! Think our shop only sells the original and the olive oil one.

I tried the salad spray once. Was not to my taste at all. :(

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