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Fun ideas for my boring shakes pls!


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yes so as ive been going on and on about it - im on the US version of CD and all i have available to me are shakes - because the soups and oats are absolutely inedibly disgusting.:fear:

Anyone have some fun ideas for my vanilla, strawberry and chocolate shakes to liven things up?

Thanks y'all!
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Lots of people put iced coffee with vanilla. Not tried it myself as I love the tetras, but apparently it's yummy!


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I can't believe you can only get Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate shakes....I'd be committing harikari by now, can't you at least get Banana shakes either? I don't like Banana shake...but I love it mixed with Chocolate (1/2 pack of each mixed to make a normal size portion).
Is it not possible to get some more flavours shipped over to you? What about mixamousse...is that available for you?
It all sounds quite dire....if you want me to find out about getting some shipped over to you I will speak to my CDC tomorrow..It must be awful! What about bars..are they available for you?
Well I'm off now to have my chocmint mousse...sorry didn't mean to rub salt in the wound!!!


supposed to be working!
S: 11st6lb G: 8st8lb
Thanks girls...
Nikki - hun you make me :'(
no there's no banana, no choc mint, no mousse
only yucky soups abd oats which really arent evne palatable.

I actually posted asking someone to pls send me some bars and soups or something - but it was removed by admin cos it goes against minimins policy :(


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Hey hun... sorry Ive got no ideas how you can jazz up ur shakes but just wanted to say youve done so well and are more or less at goal, so keep up the great work.
If it makes you feel any better.... Ive only been surviving on choc mint shakes n cranberry bars all this while. I tried all the flavours n porridge and hated them all. Eventually moved to 810 as was really struggling. Youve done the hard bit...only a small way to go now. Goodluck. xx
Hi Binibikini, I dont know what the weather is like over the pond but my fave just now is choclate ice cream.

Take about 1/3 of a cup of water and make your shake as usual in a blender. Then take loads if ice cubes (I use 20) and put them in some plastic food bags and crush them up using a rolling pin. Then slowly add them to your blender a few at a time and you will get a thick ice cream consistency. I then use a spoon to eat it and it takes about 20min yet doesnt break down like a normal shake would.

I tend to try and drink an extra litre if I heve one of these though as I am worried I would not be having enough liquid. Strange I know :p


supposed to be working!
S: 11st6lb G: 8st8lb
oh. my. gawd ashat that sounds deeeeelicious!!!! im so doing that when i get home tonite!!! :O

bumtum - im sorry you found the more substantial stuff awful too. good luck on 810! sadlyi have to remove food from the equation completely right now if i am to get anywhere.

thanks guys! xx
oh. my. gawd ashat that sounds deeeeelicious!!!! im so doing that when i get home tonite!!! :O
:giggle: It certainly is, I am having one now actually. I live off them, I generally have 2 a day with one plain shake. If need be add to or reduce the amount of water you start with to make it more to your taste. I must add though I didnt like it when I tryed strawberry, going to try a banana one soon. Enjoy :cool:


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Hi - if you can ever get hold of toffee and walnut, make up with water, crushed ice and a teaspoon of instant coffee - delicious! Meanwhile the ice-cream version sounds great, on my list for tomorrow. On a related note tried apple and cinnamon porridge today (YUK, YUK & YUK)!!


supposed to be working!
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no toffee or walnut:cry:


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Have you got a Magic Bullet blender or similar blender that can crush ice? If not, it's well worth investing in as it makes all the difference to a shake. I enjoyed the shakes well enough before getting my MB but now I love them and often prefer them to a bar.

I just put a cupful of ice and top up with water, add the shake (strawberry is lovely) and whizz for 20 secs or so. It tastes a bit like how I remember a McDonalds strawberry milkshake - absolutely delish!!!


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my current evening treat is i get 300ml of water and devide it between 2 little pots and freeze. then when frozen i whizz them in the blender, add my shake powder and add about 15ml of water and blend it up, its then shovelled into a bowl, add a spoon and enjoy

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