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Fundal height

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Saw my mw today, and she's not done my fundal height before now. She didn't know how far I was on, so I had to say 26 weeks tomorrow. She did my height fundus and it was only 23cm. I said is everything okay and she said it could be out by a couple of cm and not to worry.

But I am worried. I am near as dammit 26 weeks & by the earliest scan and by my own calculations I should be actually nearer 27 weeks. So am not happy with a fundus of 23!

Also I had told her I had been worried cos I hadn't felt much movement in the last week, but had felt a little more yesterday. She wrote in my notes that I had reported good fetal movement! when I bloody hadn't!

I am not sure how much body shape has to do with it. When I stand up or sit I have a pronounced bump and though I have put on weight I know it isn't all fat as very little has gone on the places I usually have fat ie. thighs, double chin, back, upper arms. They look much the same as they did, if a bit chunkier. Also I can pinch an inch that is fat on my tummy, but underneath is hard bump! I am wondering if cos I have a long torso and am generally of big build that baby just disappears into the cavern that is my torso and doesn't stick out as much. Otherwise I am worried, cos a height fundus of 23cm when it should be nearer 26/27 is wrong. Pooh! am worried now. Also had a skin biopsy yesterday and have to wait a month to make sure it's not something to worry about. Sod it all, I would really like a large port, but can't. Have already eaten a packet of biscuits.
At least baby is moving today, 1 less thing to worry about
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((hugs)) I am really sorry to read the anxiety in your post and understandable frustration.

Are you able to see your MW Again in a week or so to see how things have changed? I know that Shel has short measurements sometimes so perhaps she can give advice here.
I was 2cm short last time but have caught up on it this time, so I guess it can be a growth spurt is due or something (?) but am not experienced in this.

Having gone through a breast lump biopsy and removal a few years ago, I can totally understand your fears, a month is an incedibly long time to wait for a biopsy - I hope that is a good sign, and that your results are benign.

I also hope that you have supportive friends and family you can talk your feelings through with as I'm sure that will help in the weeks to come.

As for the port, if you want one.. one small one, then it won't hurt. ((hugs)) Just don't drink the bottle! :p

Glad baby is moving more, and showing you all is well. I had a quiet day the other day and again today - she has been kicking but not nearly as much as usual. MW said this is normal today when I asked as baby is still small so not all movements will be felt and also the store energy at times etc.

((Hugs)) x x


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Have you got fundal height charts in your notes? You'll see if you look on there that 23 cm at your stage is within normal boundaries, so nothing to worry about :)


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3cm out either way is normal but bear in mind also that there will be natural variation between all mws - if I measured you I might have made you a cm bigger than that and another mw would have made you a cm less, tis all swings and roundabouts hence why consistency between mws is important!!

Honestly, don't worry, I've seen people who measure small have big babies and people who measure big have small babies, a lot of it can be affected by abdominal tone or the amount of amniotic fluid even!

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