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g! It's the weekend...wot to do, wot to do?

So here it is, Saturday....which for me is always the worst day!! This is the day I tend to slide back in to old habits, makes excuses for those treats telling myself I've been good all week but it isn't the food that is really my problem. It's the alcohol!!!

I don't want to live life without it but tonight I know I will have a couple of large red wines and before I know it....the bottle will be gone alone with my willpower!!

Anyone else who suffers the same problem................ :break_diet:
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Maybe try drinking a lower syn alternative? for example, if you drank vodka/rum with diet coke, it would only be 2.5 syns per measure, so in s pub single, only 2.5. That way you can have 6 of them for your daily syns.

That said, work out how much your bottle of red wine is, and maybe try doing weekly syns instead of daily? So if you have 15 syns a day, that makes 105 syns a week, so if your red wine is 30 (check this though, it is just a guess!) you have 75 syns left to average across the rest of the week if that makes sense?

My consultant says this is okay if it works for you :) Hope this helps!
Thank goodness it's not just me. I'm not an alcoholic or anything (denial and all that) ;))) no really! But I do enjoy a couple of glasses of wine after a hard day in work and it became habit so add up all those calories and I've put 1.5stone on since last year.
I tried sw at a club but didn't stick to it and ended up leaving 12weeks later the same weight i joined but in theory lost quite a few pounds in cash. Anyway back on it this week and determined but need to knock weekend excessive quaffing on the head ;))
I joined a gym this week and that's helped break the habit in the week on the days I have been but know I'll struggle tonight.
Can't help you but comforting to know there is someone else out there with the same struggle ;)
I'm with you chamonix bee! Saturday is THE hardest day the week for me too. If wine is your thing I'd say just syn it. Top of my head it's about 9 per glass right (small I think)? Just keep counting the syns and accept you'll go over but get back on track tomorrow. You have to give yourself some breathing space if you're going to stick to it and if this is your only slip up that's not such a bad thing. Good luck! X
Opt for a White wine spritzer half wine half diet tonic that way you get double the amount of glasses for your syns
I behave myself all week then let myself have whatever wine I like on a Saturday :) We have 2 bottles of sparkling wine between 2 of us on a Saturday, I have about 4 large glasses so about 40 syns. I dont drink the rest of the week though. I've lost 6.5 stone so far so its not done me any harm :)
Thanx ladies. No matter what my good intentions are, the minute that bottle is opened....out those intentions go...fast lol!

Well, because I'm not drinking at all the rest of the week, on Saturday I indulged in my only real hiccup on Syns per week and I had four large,gorgeous glasses of liquid nectar & so enjoyed my night in (saving for Christmas hence sitting in) but.....boy, did I pay for it all day Sunday with a steaming hangover!!!

I've been extra careful and a total angel since my Syn sin so let's hope those scales are kind to me on Wednesday. We'll see. Keep all you fellow wine sympathisers updated lol! ;)


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I don't tend to use my syns on food, so have a couple of bottles of wine over the weekend. Not had any problems losing weight that way. The problem over recent weeks is that after splitting with my ex and moving in on my own, it's been too tempting and easy to drink during the week as well, takes away the loneliness.

Must snap out of it and get back to weekend only drinking!
i love having a drink but since being back on plan i dont drink in the week anymore..i tend to have a few over a saturday and sunday.. i drink vodka and diet coke now as it is lower in syns .. but then saying that my measures are quite large so i end up using about 24 syns for 3 vodkas!!..
i still have a few syns in the week but usually about 5-8 syns worth so i know that i a bit to play with at the end of the week..
my problem is the munchies that i get when ive had a drink so i make sure that ive got a hxb left so i can have a couple of alpen light bars when i feel the urge for a treat otherwise id be at the crisps and biscuits !!!
I'm confused...which doesn't take much I admit, but my S.W. consultant who admittedly hasn't been a consultant for long, says I CANNOT carry any Syns over from a previous day? I find this a little harsh & very rigid as some days I struggle to eat even 5 Syns yet come the weekend, soooooo easy to throw caution to the wind have a Syn fest mainly on that bottle of wine!

When, many years ago, I was at W.W., they allowed points to be carried over & I had no problem with that losing nearly 8st.

Thing is I am enjoying S.W......just not this loss of unused Syns...... What does yr consultant say although I think by what you've all said, I know the answer?
Shirleen, thanx for taking the time to explain that. If this is the case, and I have always doubted my consultant on this point, then I should always be well within my weekly Syn quota as although I succumb to passion for wine (my weekly treat) I still haven't used all my weekly allocation!!!

Even then my loss isn't particularly brilliant at just 3.5lb but tonight is weigh-in and whilst I don't feel confident, I didn't last week and still lost........
i carry my syns over and use a fair few at the weekends.. i am losing weight so it works for me.. i think they say this so that you dont go mad at the weekends and go on a bingefest.

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