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G of fat


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Has anyone ever eaten over their rec g of fat allowance per meal and had any side effects?! I've Just eaten a meal (I do sw) which is ok on that plan but had 37g of fat (which I didn't realise before eating) now I'm wondering if I'm in for a world of pain now :s xx
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It's likely that you'll suffer some side effects later, but if you have kept your fat grammage low for the rest of the day, you never know, you could be ok.

It's advised not to have no more than 45g of fat per day, so your 37g in one meal may mean that Xenical may work its "magic" shortly!

I currently do WW as well as taking Xenical, and I keep an eye on fat content as I'm still struggling with the points system, in that I can have a wispa if I want too, but xenical wouldn't like it!

Hope your ok this evening!


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Well other than that meal all I've had today is shreddies with semi skimmed milk so overall fat content isn't ridiculous!! Xx

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hope you are okay hun xxx


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Yeah I'm fine went to bed with no side effects really small amount of "oil spotting" or whatever they call it that's about it - was expecting explosions - wonder if it's bc I ate tons and tons of salad maybe helped I dunno :s hope their working!! X


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Yeah but its kinda worried me thinking are they actually working? :S x


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No I'm just going on faith and hopefully food weight losses lol xx


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yesterday, my breakfast (2 boiled eggs and 2 slices of multiseed bread w flora light) came to 29grms of fat and i had no side effects whatsoever, anyone have any ideas why this would be?


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i did, went 10g over, though in all, i burned around 1300cals yesterday, so was allowed loads more fat. x


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yeah, just checking mfp, consumed 55grs, though with the calories i burned, i should have had 104!
not going to the gym today, having a rest day!
So do you get more g of fat the more you exercise then?! :s


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i'm really not sure. i use my fitness pal as a guide to track everything that i've eaten, also, it tells you how much fat you've consumed. naturally, if you excercise more, you burn more calories, and therefore more fat etc too, i dont often use all of that though, in fact, very rarely, however, i'm still flummoxed at how i managed to consume 29g of fat with no side effects, when i didn't actually excercise until after work. will ask my doc when i go back at the end of the month.
if anyone else knows why this might be, i'd be interested to hear. Also brings me back to my point when i started a thread a week or so ago asking if your body gets used to the tablets, and noone thought it did. x
I didn't think the exercise thing etc was right lol that why I asked bc the alli website still only allocated 19g of fat if you exercise!! Ok well let us know what the docs say. Xx
My thoughts on this are like this. My Fitness Pal gives you more fat when you exercise as it is not taking Xenical into the equation. The 45g rule is a Xenical rule, not a general weight loss rule so you have to look at MFP while also taking Xenical into account.
The other thing to think about is, having a large amount of fat in one meal may not necessarily give you side effects if each separate bit of the meal was below or around 5% fat if that makes sense. It all adds up but the 15g per meal is only a guideline, often you can go over this if the food you are eating is low in fat.

Hope that helps,

Ah ok so if I have 2 low fat meals but one that's slightly over I may not get the side effects that makes sense - not that I'm planning to do this but I did have an Orr the allowance meal but hadn't had any fat all day and didn't et any side effects but was 37g of fat all day xx
It can also take up to 72 hours for any side effects to happen, so be aware that just because nothing happened within 24 hours you wont get any.

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