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Gah! What is wrong with me??


I'm sorry for the miserable post but I don't really have anyone else I can talk to about this.

I 'started' weight watchers (online) a couple of weeks ago and I just can't get into it, I was ok for 2-3 days, enjoyed it, found it easy to get back into, wasn't hungry - but that didn't stop me over eating? No! :cry:

I've done WW before and did well for a while but kept slipping back into old habits as soon as I started getting closer to goal and now I can't even stick to anything long enough to see a weight loss. I've been like this for 2 years now just getting bigger and bigger/trying every diet/binging.

:confused: I'm not obese but I'm getting there! I havent weighd myself since I started two weeks ago but I know I've gained because I pinched my OH's jeans and even they don't fit me now!!

Why can't I do this? Did anyone else feel the same and manage to get through it? HOW?!

:sigh: I feel better for just getting all that down, thank you!
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Have you not considered going to a class? The thought of someone watching you weigh in may help?
I've found the same, and I've started going to a class, which is helping. Its a SW weigh in class, since I can't get a WW class that fits in around work, but it does help me to have someone to "answer to", if that makes sense?


Keep at it, you can do this, you know you can x


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I am struggling with the same problems as I get nearer to goal - self sabotage really. I don't have much advice but sometimes it helps to know other people are the same. I am also considering going to class because it might help me to focus a little bit better in a group environment!
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That sounds like me all over! Got 7lbs from goal, and ended up just going mad and never pulled myself back into it. I stupidly started trying to only eat 10 or so points a day, which only made matters worse cuz as soon as I'd have a binge I was at least 2lbs heavier the next morning. Then I'd not be bothered to continue for the rest of the weekend (my binge is usually Saturday night for some reason) and then I'd just be out of control.

I am really trying to not fall into the same habits this time.


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I'm sorry your struggling, I've been in the same position. This time I am going to a class and find being answerable to someone real as it were, helps me stay on track. Maybe it would work for you too? :)

good luck! I really hope you can get back on track!! :)


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Yes I have had issues sticking to any sort of eating plan in the past. This time around I am more positive and am seeing this as a choice I have made to change my life around. I can not do this alone and need the extra support of a class and getting on minis every day helps to keep me focused.

I know everyone is different but try to focus on the reasons why you want to reduce your weight, it has to be you wanting to so this for you. If you want it enough you can achieve your goals. As others have suggested maybe going to a class will give you that extra support and encouragement. I know some people hate the classes but they might just work for you, they do for me.

Good luck


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Hi, oh you sound so much like me, i've lost a lot of weight(still a long way to go), switched from sw to ww online, and my heads gone to pot. It's so hard when your head knows you want to do it, but, part of you just can't stop eating. But, just wanted to say, stick at it you will get there.maclynn:)
Hey, I think you might be better going to a WW meeting, at least just for a few weeks. I do WW online and the only reason I probably stick to it is because my Mum does WW at home and so I have that beacon of support and I find easier to stick to it because of that.

Best of luck.
ahhh (((HUG)))))

I am the same, i just dont seem to be able to say no to food at all. Food always wins with me. I do great for a few days and ONCE did great for ten weeks and thats it. Oh i dont know really anymore either girl cause im the exact same as you. I will say one thing tho, i am on Green Tea capsules and they have surpressed my hunger a bit. Thank god!


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i am on Green Tea capsules and they have surpressed my hunger a bit. Thank god!
A woman I know who used to do WW swore by having 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey in boiled water every evening as apparently it speeds up the metabolism and suppressed her appetite from snacking too.


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A woman I know who used to do WW swore by having 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and a teaspoon of honey in boiled water every evening as apparently it speeds up the metabolism and suppressed her appetite from snacking too.
Lots of herbal diet pills have cider vinegar extract in them. I'm a bit sceptical but each to their own I guess :)
:grouphugg:you came on here for support so sending a hug group hug xx

I go to class and got the monthly membership as then I have paid already and keeps me going to class! I have had 2 weigh in's with gains:eek: but I know I wouldn't of gone if not paid IYSWIM

Only you can tell if it is the right time for your journey, we are all here, there is always someone on Minimins even if not on WW part everyone is here for the same reason:)

Thank you so much girls!

I'd much prefer to go to a class, when I first tried WW I went to a class and did much better.

I'm signed up online for 3 months now though, I wonder if they would change me to Monthly Pass if I asked?? Worth a try anyway!

Thank you again girls, your fab! :D
They will let you switch to monthly pass but you will probably just need to pay the balance I suspect.

I paid for monthly pass but I never have time to stay to the meeting with a loud toddler in tow and I resented paying full whack when I didn't get the full benefit, so I switched to online - the difference was refunded to my account. So I don't see why it wouldn't work the other way too.

I posted something similar to your OP about a week ago. I have taken myself in hand somewhat since then, well I've stuck to the plan for two days anyway lol, and I think this is because my friend also joined WW this week so we have been supporting each other.

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