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gain!!!! :(



Just doing it this time
It is so annoying when this happens, but it's happened - don't let it spoil this week, have another 100% week and you may catch up next weigh in - hope so.

good luck


Fighting the bulge
Went to weigh in this morning and I've gained 0.5. The only time I wasn't 100% was having a yorkshire pud, and some stuffing at a carvery last week, but even then I went without syns the next day to make up for it. I'm so annoyed!!:mad:

Sorry to hear that hun!! Im sure its not a real weight gain from a tiny bit of stuffing and a yorkshire.

I know it can be quite demotivating when that happens, but it could b a number of other things;

* week
water retention
not going to the loo

or basically your body just didnt fancy it this week, one thing i can assure you is that if you stick to plan then the weight will come off.



Onwards and downwards!
Aww hun, its sooo frustrating when that happens!! Just don't let it demotivate you or throw you off plan. As pesty said, it could be for a number of reasons. But if you continue being 100% this week you may find that you have a big loss next week to make up for it, then you will feel fab :D

Good luck, and keep slimming :D
It is annoying, but then you did lose 7lbs the week before.

There are lots of reasons why our weight fluctuates from week to week - last week I lost 1.75 lbs (I weigh in Kgs, so that's the nearest) but if weigh day had been a day or two earlier I would have been more like 3, but with weigh day came the time of the month, so I gained a bit and the loss was 1.75. I am only half way through this week, and I have already lost about 2 lbs, because the weigh in last weekend was a "false" loss and should have been more, so it will right itself this week.

By the same reasoning there might have been a reason why you weighed especially low last week, which gave you a great loss last week, but you then had an upward battle to lose this week? Am I explaining this very well??

Overall you have averaged 6.5 pounds over the past two weeks, which shows you are well on track.

I know we all want to see a drop week in and week out, but when we have fised weigh-ins sometimes it just doesn't work like that. As long as there is an overall trend in a downwards direction, you are doing fine.

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