gained 1lb ????????


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Hello you! Are you still weighing in on the wii? How reliable are they hun?


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i know i only just started 3 days ago but could it be down to how much water you drink,or when you drink,or when you have your shakes.sorry i cant help but if you need to "speak off forum"please email.take care and sending you hugs.


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sorry but i think its one of those things that ,oh well its happened cannot change it, stand tall shoulders back and move on, and good luck for the next w/i, it could of been worst it could of been 2lb. reading your past post and your past stats am sure you are strong enough to bounce back.:)


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Hi Chelly,
To be fair, you did have an absolutely incredible first WI - 15lbs!
Is the 1lb gain on the same scales and at the same time of day?
I've had this happen before today, not weighed for 6 days, and then only like half a pound lighter despite doing TFR - I came close to throwing the towel in, but the following week, it all made up for itself!
Stay strong and maybe no weigh for a least another 5 days if you can resist temptation!


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Hi Chelly, what diet are you on, is it Exante? What is that, is it TFR or food?

Sorry to hear of your small gain, but like said above, maybe its something to do with having a 15lb loss last week, and I too wonder if the Wii would be absolutely accurate.

Better luck for next week chick.


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Hiya all!!

It is TFR yes..

Ok.. Well I think it might have been the clothes I was wearing lol!

Bought new scales there and weighed in at 13stone and 1/2lb with the clothes on.

and with my pjs on it was 12stone 13lbs and 1/2.

So still a pretty measly loss.. but hey ho!!


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hey sweetie id say it was the clothes, i know it sucks though, just wait till the morning and im sure youll be back to normal, also again is the wii accurate, and also what about totm? remember if you stick to this you will lose weight... i tell myself that everyday when i panic!!.... your doing so well so far, keep it up hun x


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oh Chelly...what can I say that hasnt been said before! I can imagine how you are feeling, no point saying I cant.....I think we would all feel gutted, but just keep remembering that 15lb loss last week...I reckon it is the clothes like you say.

Hang in there, dont get down about it! You know you can do this; you are made of strong stuff!!!

Take care sweetie and sending you a huge big hug!

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Chelly, don't fret about this. Week one was a huge loss so maybe this week it is just levelling out. It really is best to weigh on the same scales on the same day at the same time in the same clothes every week. Through the day our weight will fluctuate by 5 or 6 pounds, every scales is different and I don't know if the Wii is the most reliable. Stick with the new scales and do it first thing on the same morning every week. Your losses will balance out over the weeks.


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Ill be looking forward to weighing myself in the morning on my new scales..

Cus I have drunk TONS of water today aswell...

Also.. it is TOTM too so that could play a part!


Life is not a Rehersal!
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Yes that is no doubt a big contributory factor! Glad to see it hasnt floored you :)
Weigh again tomorrow and let us know.


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srsly... totm is an absolute ******* (even when not on TFR lol) *hugs*
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I think a good turd could sort you out mrs! ;)

Could be a big one......


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best of luck with weigh today chelly, i bet totm def had a part to play and maybe changing scales

best of luck today chic :)