Gained 6lbs in 10 weeks - Time to get by butt into gear for baby #1!

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  1. SophP26

    SophP26 Member


    I'm new to the pregnancy section! Started TTC at the start of January this year and got our BFP on 9th April 2014 at 4 weeks 1 day!! So happy and feel so lucky it happened so quickly for us :D I'm exactly 11 weeks today.

    I've been a member at SW since Feb 2013 and up until the day we found out I had lost 4 stone 11 lbs and to be honest I am absolutly petrified of gaining this, so this thread is going to be my kick up the bum to get me back into gear after gaining 6 lbs in 10 weeks!

    This is how I gained that weight;

    Week 4 - BFP
    Week 5 - Gained 3 lbs
    Week 6 - Gained 3 lbs
    Week 7 - STS
    Week 8 - Gained 1.5
    Week 9 - Lost 2 lbs
    Week 10 - Gained 0.5

    I weigh this evening for Week 11 and know I have another gain coming my way of possibly 4 lbs! I started pregnancy at 13 st 9 lbs and a healthy weight gain for me is estimated between 15 - 20 lbs.

    After today I will be continuing to swim 30 gentle lengths 3 times a week (used to do this before conceiving but stopped when we found out) also going to add half hour on my bike machine 3 times per week. Does this sound like a good start to getting back on the right tracks?

    I have had no sickness but have completely gone off salad/veg and just want carb loaded, stodgy meals!

    Sorry for my first post being a little bit of a rant - I'ts my first pregnancy and hormones are flying all around the place at the moment which I know you will understand :giggle: forcing myself to group tonight expecting this gain. Would be nice to speak to some other expectant mums to be :D
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  3. LauraLooLa

    LauraLooLa Gold Member


    Congratulations :)

    I'm 13+5 with baby no.2. We started trying end of jan and got our BFP 20th March and like you were shocked/excited/relieved/grateful it happened so quickly :D

    I'd lost a similar amount to you before getting pregnant too. It's tricky seeing the numbers go up when you've worked so hard isn't it? I've never tried SW though :)

    I'm telling myself to just enjoy pregnancy, go with the flow and deal with it (again) afterwards.
  4. LauraLooLa

    LauraLooLa Gold Member

    Ps. Good luck for weigh in :)
  5. SophP26

    SophP26 Member

    Thanks Laura and congratulations to you too!! I love SW its so easy to follow and it is disappointing seeing the scales go up and up but know I haven't done anything to help myself in the last few weeks!

    I gained 4 yesterday so that brings my total to 10 lbs in 11 weeks - midwife has said its safe for me to continue as I was before so I'm aiming to lose a little this week but don't want a big gain as want to still be sensible!

    I agree about going with the flow and enjoying pregnancy but I know I would do more than enojy it! :D lol so going to aim to lose some over the next few weeks to give me a bit more lbs to play with.... good luck to you! x
  6. LauraLooLa

    LauraLooLa Gold Member

    I think my gain is similar at the mo. Eek. If I'm honest I'm enjoying munching far too much. Especially now I'm not feeling rough. At first it was an eat what you can, when you can situation and now it's just more 'mmmmm food' :D
    I'd like to at least stay the same for a few weeks or even lose a pound or 2...that'd be nice.
    Hope you've had a good day :)

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