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Gained back all my 9 day loss in 2 meals!


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Over my first week I lost an amazing 10lbs but DH whisked me away for the weekend and I ate out on Sat night (3 course meal and wine but threw it up as stomach had shrunk) and then breakfast the next morning and lunch with wine. I just weighed myself and I have regained all of the weight I lost over 9 days!

How is this possible? I tried to eat just protein and salad. Will this happen every time I eat 'normally' in future? Does this happen to everyone else or is it just me? I feel like I am now wasting my time with this diet!
Help please :(
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Hiya hon
Don't despair...it's only water weight and a couple of daysback on SS should knock those pounds on the head.
Focus on the big picture and your goals...you have lost a significant amount in your first week so it looks as though CD suits you.
You have toughed it out through the first week of CD which is the hardest...get back on SS to get yourself free of food cravings and look forward to your next weigh in. You will be surprised at how well you do.

Good luck
Gaynor x
Also you say you just weighed yourself so this evening then, not this morning? Remember you are at your daily lightest first thing in the morning and some of that weight could just be the days flucutations.

As Gaynor says, most of it will be water and you'll shift a good portion of that with a couple of days on SS again


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Thanks, I am feeling so very deflated and beaten. Next Saturday we have a Wedding to go to so I will be eating rich food and drinking wine. Wish I could say it wont happen but I know that I will eat and drink at the wedding as I just wont be able to say no. I am now so worried that I will just lose and add weight back on as quick as I lose it. I notice from everyone elses signatures that they can go away and still lose or maybe gain a pound or so but I feel like I am a hopeless case!
Still at the hotel I made a big step and actually got in my swimsuite and went swimming. I was the fattest woman there :cry:So I will try very hard to get back on the wagon!
Hi Davis,

First of all you are not a hopeless case, I honestly feel that this is an issue of timing for you. The early days of CD are very hard and the easiest time to be tempted, the when you will be punished the most for leaving the program.

I was going to start this diet in February, but I had a lot of things coming up dinners and nights out etc and my CDC advised me to consider if the time was right for starting, and perhaps putting it off till I got past these events, that were coming up in quick succession, and that would be a better time to start and when I would have less temptations particularly in the early and hardest weeks.

Now I think that this was great advice, because I think I would have just yo-yo'd and got fed up with the fluctuations of the diet from dipping in and out of it.

I am not saying that you should do that but just putting it out there as an option, to consider starting when you have 3 or 4 weeks where you can avoid temptations and get fully established in ketosis before having to put temptation in your way.

I think if you stay on the diet this week and go to the wedding and eat normally you will be back to the same position as you are in now, and you will get seriously fed up with the diet. Unless you can go to the wedding and enjoy it eating only protein and staying off the alcohol, i think it might be worth considering putting off getting back to SS until after the wedding.

Alot of people who do take planned weekends off are doing it a few weeks into the diet, and some are having + or STS results those weeks, it really depends how off program you go as well and how long you have to weigh in when you get back to SS.

I hope you dont think I am being negative, I think you have to be realistic about the plan it works but not the way you would conventionally expect and it truely needs us to be committed fully to it to see good consistent weight loss

Best of luck with whatever you decide.


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Very wise words from Hedgehog there and I agree 100%. I think you need a clear run when you have an empty diary and you can get into the SS routine,and stay away from food. I wanted to start before Xmas, but thought better of it as I wanted to eat Xmas dinner and have a drink. I had an 11 week run before holiday, I've come back and got straight back on and will now have a clear run until I reach goal. I've found it fine restarting as I'm back in my home routine...and the eating was holiday, so holiday over = eating is over. So it's probably best to wait and then jump in with both feet. I think if you keep starting and stopping it would make this diet 10 times harder.

Good luck



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Thanks for your advice I understand what you are saying but unfortunately spring/summer is always a busy time socially for us. Weddings, birthdays, holidays, balls. I really wont have a month without an event which goes along way to explaining why I find myself over weight in the first place. I also need to lose weight so that I can start IVF at the end of summer. I am turning down alot of social engagements (pubs, dinner parties, birthdays) but some I just cant escape. I have decided that yo yo it will have to be. Ive got to do this and not put it off any longer!
When I do go out I will aim for carb free meals and as to drinking should I have wine sprinters with sparkly water or diet coke and vodka? Both are bad but which would be best if you had to choose?
Thanks again
Hi Davis,

part of the reason I started CD was because of IVF, I've done it a few times already and will be doing it again in the autum. If you ever want to chat about it feel free to PM me.

Personally if I was you without a free run to give to CD, I would consider doing a high protein diet, its easier to get around social occassion with it and you can have wine. The weight losses are good on it, I lost 2 stone in 10 weeks on it.

Just a thought, best of luck with your treatments I know the pressures that go with that let alone having to worry about every pound to do the treatment.

Hedgie x

Mrs B

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Hi Davis, you shouldn't really drink when you are in ketosis. There is a sticky at the top that explains it all (I know some have said they've been ok). If you are having IVF surely you can cut out alcohol beforehand, after all if it works (and I hope it does) you won't be drinking. Just think of it as getting healthy for your baby. CD is fab but if you are going to do it it is worth it doing it properly.

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