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gained gained GAINED

and no-one to blame but myself to be honest. I have been faffing about on SW for a while then changed over to WW.

I was talking to a friend thats a WW leader who says that it's obvious SW wasn't working for me and that it's the delayed weight gain from it? All in all since I started SW until now I have gained...5lbs! yes, 5 nasty pounds and I'm not happy.

I'm not blaming SW in any way but I seriously am a bad example of not knowing when to stop eating pasta and potatoes when they're 'free'

Thankfully I haven't gained anything more since restarting WW but unfortunately we had a death in the family which knocked me for six but I have been mostly tracking and stayed the same even though I was grabbing and going most of the time, sandwiches etc. it hasn't done any damage.

Very disillusioned. I need to remember that I need to stick to the WW plan, no messing around or moving to another. I was planning on quitting smoking once and for all and now I'm terrified to, stupid I know :(

Ah well, onwards and upwards, here's to a bit of a loss this week, even half a pound would make me happy :)
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Grappling with life
SW didn't work for me either. Just gave me free license to binge!

Sorry to hear about the loss in your family. As for smoking - one thing at a tme eh?

Good luck with ww.

thanks hun, I know it works for loads of people but for me, no, I overindulge to sickening levels lol just because the food is free.

You're right, one thing at a time, my problem is that I want to do everything NOW and then get fed up when it doesn't work that way, slow and steady needs to be my new mantra.
Sorry to hear about your loss :( xx

I also want to give up smoking but I wont even consider trying until I reach a weight Im satisfied with. Theres no way I could handle both those things at once.

Im the same with pasta, rice, potatoes.... Theyre my favourite foods but I gain like crazy when I eat them. Having to cut them right back now :(

Anyhoo good luck with WW that pesky 5lbs will be gone in no time xx
thanks hun, I do want to give up smoking but my problem is I'm focusing on it too much, I need to either quit (which I won't at the moment) and be done with it or just put quitting out of my head. I'm dwelling on it and then when I try and quit and mess it up I end up binging or whatever which is what I had done on SW. No more of that, I don't ever want to see another jacket potato again LOL

I'm putting off the quitting until I get my weight sorted and stabilised, then I'll think again.

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