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why oh why have i gained weight? i started at 10.8, now three days later im 10 stone 9.5!!! whats going on? my food diary i fine, i know im doing everything right, weighing all my food exactly! very very annoying.....

please someone shed some light on this for me! i dont want to have to change diets, i love counting points!!!
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Have you been using all your dailies and weeklies? it is hard to say without knowing more. Have you earned any exercise points?
Sorry I hadn't read properly first time. I often put on in the first few days of the week but it all comes good on weigh in day. Are you weighing at home or at meetings? Did you weigh at the same time of day? I know it is easier said than done but stay away from the scales between weigh ins - nothing good can ever come of it!
Having said that, I have also sneaky peaked today and I am a Tuesday weigh in and it looks like a gain for me too, however, I am sure it will sort itself out by Tuesday night.
Keep drinking and keep going - give it a month and see what happens.
Thanks twinmum, I had another look this morning and now 10 stone 7.5 so feel a bit happier but I'm putting them away now until Wednesday morning! I weigh in at home, I'm doing well sticking to it so going to see how I go at home then if i start to stubble then go to class! Thanks for your reply and glad to see I'm not abnormal, it's going to come off slowly but surely if I stick to it!! Xx
Just to say to you as well Jesse . Our body weight will always fluctuate from day to day according to things like

Fluid retention
Time of the month
Bowel movements /constipation often at start as we eat more veg/fruit and our body isnt used to it . sorts itself out eventually.
how much water you have drank
Time of the day-always lighter in the morning
Wearing different clothes - I have runners that weigh 2lb and jeans are heavier than leggings etc.

Twin mum is right ,try to weigh in only once a week as it can be disheartning if we dont see it budge

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