Gamey's exante diary

Day 22

For the week I lost 4lbs bringing me to 33st on the dot. I don't mind to be honest. I'm also going to have to figure out how to not cheat on a Saturday, or just have a cheat day. Breakfast was a chocolate fudge bar, lunch a flapjack and dinner and Indian takeaway. I put it all in Nutracheck and total was just over 1900 and they suggest I eat under 2850 calories so still overall good I guess, but I'd like to stick to plan!

Erika was very sick yesterday though so spent most the time looking after her so didn't do any exercise either. Always tomorrow though
You may not have broke the stone barrier but a 4lb loss is very impressive well done you. Family come first and like you say there is always tomorrow. Tough when family are poorly and you are chief carer during that time things go out the window
Day 23

I broke that barrier today with another pound off. But since it's not official way in it doesn't count. Today was a chocolate mint cookie morning followed by a matcha shake and another creamy thai pot, although tempted to order fish and chips. My future self will thank me for it. No exercise again as I was going to do it when my daughter went to bed but my friends were like we need a healer so got me to raid with them instead which was mixed feelings.
It is so great to break into a new stone barrier. Well done for staying strong and not having fish and chips. It is all about training ourselves to have better choices and have those high calorific meals once in a blue moon. For me I try to be good and stay on plan then when I go on holiday I have what I like when I am out and about. Then in the cabin or cottage I am stopping in I prepare healthier options that are on plan with slimming world. I try to do exercise by walking more. I accept I gain a few pounds but I hop straight back on programme on my return and within a few weeks those gained pounds are gone. It has worked for me thus far
Day 24

Stayed the same. This was fine. But my daughter is home due to having a fever Friday and as she has autism getting her to do a flow test without another person is more or less impossible not to mention probably inhumane. She had a stomach bug.... So shall be fine. I had my caramel chocolate bar for breakfast and my double chocolate bar. Went to slimming world as I was on a count down and picked my 2stone award (I was roughly half a stone heavier when I started that) had to get cash out but the cash point is next to the fish and chip shop... i've been wanting them for over a week so gave in. So disappointed in myself. But calories were less than I normally eat so hopefully won't do much damage. Nutracheck is pretty good though as it's very good at telling me the least calories, so although I didn't pick them this time I'm better prepared for next. This is going to be a long journey and I should stop taking the scenic route so much.
Sorry I haven't updated but been sick so having comfort food. Hopefully the worse has come out today so can get back on track tomorrow
Not one programme fits all. Last time I lost 8 stone took my eye of the ball, Kept saying just one wont matter till this was umpteen times a day. That time round I followed my own programme based on the food pyramid. But I put it all back on and then some. So this time round I am more prepared that I can't do that else I will spiral out of control. Plus this time round losing weight has been harder for several reasons. Firstly I am now in my menopause and secondly I can't exercise like I did. I use to walk 3 to 4.5 miles a day. Now can walk only short distances. For me personally sw has taught me better food habits reduced my cravings for sweet food cos I couldn't resist cake, chocolate etc anything basically laden with sugar. But now I don't crave such foods. I am not constantly hungry and cos I eat the right sorts of food I can eat so much more. At times I can't believe I can eat all that and still lose weight consistently. I did try low carb but this wasn't for me as I love my carbs so was thoroughly miserable. But for others low carb fits perfectly for them and they lose weight.
So I started again properly and currently on day 3. I'm taking time off uni as I had a lot of unforseen circumstances going on. My best friend commited suicide, my daughter and I got a stomach bug and I'm having liver issues possibly. So its just getting to much right now. On the brightside, diet is now back on track and I've finally completed a mile on my conquest app. So hopefully I can do the next 19 miles going a little bit each day :)