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I'm really worried. I started refeed today. I had a chicken breast and salad for dinner but I am scared now because I crushed a clove of garlic over it and chopped up a little but of fresh chilli. I am now worried that there may be carbs in the garlic and I have messed up my refeed. Am feeling really bloated now and I'm imagining I have put all the weight back on! I was going to have this tomorrow in work for lunch too. Are we allowed? AAAARGH! HELP!!!
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Yes you are allowed to add seasoning!

Honestly dont worry... you will be a bit bloated because you havent eaten in a while..

Just make sure you take your time when eating your food and chew it properly..

and dont worry.. its normal to feel scared.. ask anyone.. I was TERRORFIED starting refeed.. didnt want to come off the shakes at all!
But it does get easier and you enjoy all the amazing tastes again of healthy food!!

Why not keep a diary of everything you ate so you can look back on it and have a record and be able to look back and get meal ideas!


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S: 12st7lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 25.6 Loss: 1st7lb(12%)
Thanks for your reply. I feel a lot better now! Didnt get much sleep last night (my 1 year old daughter is ill) and I think I'm just freaking out due to lack of sleep! Just got her off to bed now love her, so I'm off myself now. I will start my diary tomorrow. Cheers hun (before I fall asleep at the keyboard!) Night xx

P.S well done on the 15 lb loss. WOW!!!!


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Just for future i do know that garlic does have alot of carbs as i am not allowed it on CD. i'm sure it was ok though and it could even be allowed on refeed, just thought i'd mention it.