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Gastic band or Sole Source, discuss?

i had a chat with my DEPO nurse the other day, i have been referred for surgery for saggy skin after loosing 5.5st on CD.
She said something that has made me wonder.
apparently surgeons are more sympathetic towards people who have lost weight on their own to gastric banders.

i know i would never go the band route (which i could have been referred for before i started weight loss!) as i dont feel it re-educated you on eating habits + i dont know anyone whos been able to eat normally again! at least i can still have a 8oz steak when i choose!(minus the chips!).

What do you think?
pro banding?
negative to banding?
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Well done on losing over 5st.

As far as I am aware it is very difficult now to get funding regardless of diet used to lose the weight and I was not aware surgeons favoured one form of weight loss over another...decisions are made more about showing how you have been able to maintain your weight loss over a period of time and whether funding in your area is available.

Banding works well for some just as a vlcd's for others...they both have their successes and failures.
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I can honestly say that if i had been offered a band last year, i would have taken the offer.

I read up about banding....lots!
I knew my GP wouldn't put me forward for it and there was no way i could afford it. I did considered getting into lots of debt for it.

In the end i went down the VLCD route and am glad i did. I never imagined it would work for me but it did as i am also 5st lighter.

I would certainly still consider banding if i needed it. I wouldn't care about the risks so long as i was going to be slim.

I would love surgery to get rid of the skin but doubt that would ever happen on the NHS. I will just have to try my best to hide all my flabby bits for now.

I spoke to my GP about plastic surgery for loose skin and she really didn't take me up on things. She did say that in the past people did have to prove they were serious about their weightloss by keeping the weight off for a long time before surgery would even be considered.

Sure it wouldn't come down to banding or dieting whether they agreed to do it or not.

Not sure if i have answered what you were asking....hope so lol

Congrats on your losses, well done x
Fix my fat head

I quoted the bbc3 docu in title there lol. I wish there was a band could be put in my brain to stop me constantly thinking of food! I don't know what I hunger for but it ain't food. I have been thinking of surgery for the past four or five years but I still don't know whether it's right for me or not. I am afraid of getting complications and I'm the kinda person who'd complain about it til the end of time lol. I thought a vlcd was my answer but it left me more obsessed with food than ever.

I need to learn how to stop eating on my emotions and to stop eating when I am full.:sigh:
I can totally see why people who have never experienced a weight problem are anti-band and thinks it's the lazy way out etc etc and why should my taxes pay for it.....but no-one takes that decision lightly, it's surgery at the end of the day and will affect your eating forever not to mention the rapid losses effect on your skin. No matter how you lose the weight I think you should be given help for the excess skin. People get boob jobs, nose jobs etc because it's causing them to suffer depression, loose flaps of skin are the same if not worse.

I'm currently trying to lose almost 6 stone with slimming world because of a medical condition and it's the nhs's fault. They didn't take me seriously in the first place when I said I wasn't able to lose weight no matter how hard I tried (they assume you must be doing it wrong or lying about what you eat so refer you to a dietician instead). So because they didn't fix my underactive thyroid sooner I'll be after some surgery if I get a load of loose skin (enevitable really with that much to lose and so many stretch marks). Sorry about the rant, but I feel the nhs is a complete joke and that comes from both personal experience and that of family and friends who've had their lives endangered by poor treatment. Not sure I'd trust them to do a tummy tuck actually!!
ye gods i was at a hospital today about my wisdom teeth.. i was pushed pillar to post for 3 hours! and i have to go back again for them to assess if i am fit for day surgery before i even get a date to have em pulled out!

my prev doctor was a waste of space, i am now seeing another doctor who seems more on the ball so never know. i just hate waiting & i worry that while i am waiting will i put the weight back on? if they say no to the surgery if i will put it back on so it doesnt look so bad!.. no idea at the mo.

as to banding v sole source.
i picked SS to loose my weight as i banding was far too drastic for me even though i was eledgeable(sp?) for it (& was never told by waste of space doc)

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