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General question about slimming clubs

Hi folks, I am facing the prospect of trying to lose about three stone of excess weight that I have put on in the last few years and am nervously considering trying a slimming club for the first time. Not sure if this is the right forum to ask but I have both Slimming World and Rosemary Conley classes in my area. What I want to know is whether I am likely to be the only bloke in the class if I do join either. That concern is making the prospect even more daunting than it is already but I am struggling to stick to a diet on my own and perhaps the motivation of being weighed every week will make the difference!
So which would anyone recommend (particularly anyone who has tried both?)
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I have been to both of these in the past. There was a man at the SW class who had lost about 7 st. He was the only man and never stayed to class just got weighed. The RC class was all women and was followed by an exercise class.

Some run classes for men. Might be worth making a phone call to see if there is a local one. Or have you considered a VLCD?

Irene xx
Hi Irene, not sure that a VLCD is for me to be honest. I am quite active and I am not sure I could fit in with the idea of consuming so few calories. The things is I have tried slimming world and weight watchers online and I know they work if I stick to them. That is the hard bit and where I thought that maybe a slimming club would help. At least that is what my (slim) sister said to me! I don't think any of the slimming clubs in my area are men only. I have done a few internet searches and none of the ones in my area said anything about being just for men.
Why not ring up the leader of both groups and explain how nervous you are. And then see which response you prefer and then give it a go. After all we all want to lose weight I am sure everyone will support you at the club and make you real very welcome

Good luck

Irene xx
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Hi, I've been to Weight Watchers before and they do men only meetings, have a look on Google and see if they have one in your area. Even if you were to go to an ordinary meeting you would be totally respected for being the only man-you'll probably have to fight them off with a stick!;)-
Whatever you decide to do I wish you the best of luck!!

Love Daisy.
Cheers for your replies folks. I nearly went to a local slimming world class on Thursday but bottled out. I have decided to give myself three months to make a significant impact on my weight and will pledge to join a slimming club if I can't manage to do it on my own. I weighed in at 14stone 2lbs yesterday and am going to try and lose a stone in 3 months and between 2 and a half and 3 stone overall. Wish me luck, I might need it!
S: 19st9lb
Good Luck!!
Make sure to come on here for motivation kicks, I find the before and after pics really help to motivate!! Use websites like weight watchers, slimming world etc to get ideas on what to eat. If your a big drinker cutting down will be really important. You shouldn't feel emberrassed going to a slimming club though cos they'd be delighted to have you and when you go the first time and get that over with you will be so excited to go back.

Best of luck, keep us posted!
Love Daisy
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When I went to RC up North, the leader was male and, although there was only 1 male member, he was treated like a demi-god by all the other female members for having the guts to join.

Out of the 'mainstream' slimming clubs, I preferred RC because of the exercise class, which helped with fitness and muscle tone (and at about the same price as the others). At the end of the day though, the decision is yours because losing weight and getting fit is a very personal matter - what suits one person might not suit another.

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