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Genies re-feed diary


Day 1
Brekkie - Lipotrim Strawberry Shake
Dinner- Lipotrim Chocolate Shake
Tea - Subway Veggie Delight salad which consisted of Lettuce, tomatos, cucumber, green peppers, gerkins and about 4 olives, i chucked a slice of bernard matthews turkey breast on it when i got home i ate about half of this and was fit to bust!
Fluid intake - about 3 litres of water 3 cups of black tea

Day 2 -
Brekkie - LT vanilla Shake
Lunch - Subway Turkey Salad which had in it 2 slices of Turkey (its probably never been near a turkey) Lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, green peppers, gerkins and a few olives, again i only ate about half of it before i thought oooo too full.
Dinner - Will be a choccie LT shake

fluid intake up to now today is about 1.5 litres of water and 2 cups of WHITE tea :)

im doing a refeed for 2 weeks so doing day 1 for 2 days day 2 for 2 days etc

I have discovered that there is actually reasonably good food you can get when your in a rush I vowed i would never step foot in a fast food place again but the way i see it is as long as I order the right thing there is no harm, i actually went in macdonalds today before subway for a grilled chicken salad but they had no salads?!?! i could have just ordered something else after queing up for 15 minutes i only had 15 mins left on lunch and my colleagues had all ordered before me but i didnt i walked out and went and got a salad 3 doors down and sat on my own and ate it because i didnt want to eat maccies junk.

Next week itll be home made salad in my handy little tupperware box so i know exactly whats in everything im eating but this week i wasnt planning on eating (hasty refeed) and dont see the point in shopping till Monday evening next week with going away on Thursday night so its a bit expensive eating subway salads but its teaching me that i can eat healthily even when im on the hop!

Gen x
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My new rules for myself post LT im writing them down and i am going to stick to them

1 For the next 3 months I will try to only eat 3 meals a day no snack's this will help me with the snacking at work, i know i am not going to die if i eat 3 healthy balanced meals a day. If i am really hungry between meals then the only acceptable snack is a piece of fruit or veg.

2 I will not eat at my desk including my lunch, Food is to be appreciated and I will take my time over it so that i enjoy it and feel like i have actually eaten, this involves escaping my desk.

3 I will stop when I have had enough, no guilt trips about starving children in africa etc clearing my plate is half the reason I am where i am.

4. I am going to pay myself 50p a day for every day I do not eat crisps or chocolate till my birthday I will use the cash i make to buy myself a treat.

5. I will not eat chocolate untill my 30th Birthday where i will treat myself to a small bar of my fave dark choccie my birthday is just before Christmas so this will be a christmas and birthday treat combined and then I will not eat any till february when i hope Mr G will buy me a small box for valentines day.. BIG HINT!

6. I will say no to people who offer me sweets, biscuits or crisps and i am not going to worry that i may offend them if i take everything i am offered in work i will end up the size of a bus . if i want sweets biscuits or crisps i will buy them myself and have them as a treat planned into my daily calorie intake.

7. I will continue to exercise even if its only the walking i have been doing whilst on LT.

I am pretty sure i will come up with some more rules for myself but at the moment i think my brain isnt working
Its strange isnt it thinking oooooooooo im having a low cal subway and getting all enthusiastic about it but if we can stick with that thought we will be laughing :)
Day 3 -
Brekkie - Choc Whip maintenance (yum yum childhood memories of angel delight!)

Lunch will be - A home made salad ! (went round and raided my sisters fridge shes on SW why didnt i think she would have salad in before I started spending a fortune on subway)
made from 5 cherry Tomato's about 1 forkfull of Tuna (i swiped a bit from her lunch cos i have been missing tuna), Lettuce, Cucumber, red onion, red pepper and about 2/3 of a chicken breast chopped up (swapped chicken for tuna!) anyway i cant wait to munch it but thats 3 hours away
Still not hungry but im kinda passionate about eating good food at the mo.. just said no to a biccie!!

Tea was a salad again with a bit of pineapple cottage cheese and some bernard matthews turkey ham was supposed to be having stir fry but the wok has gone missing! :)! I have just swiped 1 french fry off one of the little niece G's and it tasted weird dont think i want any of them for a while.

Am down in dorset this weekend visiting Mr G so i will be eating out lots as Mr G's shared kitchen is always full of weirdos so we eat out lots ! but I will still eat healthily and will hopefully get a jacket spud in me because i really fancy one.
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welcome to healthy eating land!

I vowed i would never step foot in a fast food place again but the way i see it is as long as I order the right thing there is no harm, i actually went in macdonalds today before subway for a grilled chicken salad but they had no salads?!?! i could have just ordered something else after queing up for 15 minutes i only had 15 mins left on lunch and my colleagues had all ordered before me but i didnt i walked out and went and got a salad 3 doors down and sat on my own and ate it because i didnt want to eat maccies junk.
Gen x
Good on you for saying "No!" to those greasy chips and burgers! Since I started maintenance I've been to McDonald's a few times but my OH and I have (virtuously!) had the grilled chicken salad and those cute little fruit bags!

My new rules for myself post LT im writing them down and i am going to stick to them

...3 I will stop when I have had enough, ..clearing my plate is half the reason I am where i am.
4. I am going to pay myself 50p a day for every day I do not eat crisps or chocolate till my birthday I will use the cash i make to buy myself a treat...
6. I will say no to people who offer me sweets, biscuits or crisps and i am not going to worry that i may offend them...
7. I will continue to exercise..
Good set of rules Genie! I particularly like No_3. When it comes to eating don't be a finisher! I now know when I have had enough and when I just want to eat all the food on the plate. I think I might just start paying myself for when I stop eating as soon as I am full and maybe fine myself for when I eat beyond that point. Adding this to No_4 would be great for me! I totally agree with saying "No"at work - especially with the Christmas season coming up. It is so easy to eat up hundreds of extra calories at work woth all that junk food.
As for exercise: I'm loving it! :)
Hearing the word fruit bags gave me insipiration so thankyou :)

i stuck to my rules yesterday and it was HARD there was a birthday in work yesterday and there were cakes n biccies everywhere but i just flat out refused everything that was offered to me though one evil colleague (either that or she is totally thick) asked me every 20 minutes do you want a biccie just because she was having one by the end of the day i shouted in a very snappy voice NO I DONT WANT A FARKING BICCIE JUST BECAUSE YOU WANT TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT EATING ONE BY SHARING THE GUILT DONT GET ME INVOLVED at the top of my voice so half the corridor heard but she had been asking for 7.5 hours i felt guilty at being nasty but i also wanted to laugh lol

im on a V long public transport journey today cos the megabus is a fiver return to bournemouth and itd cost a bomb to get there driving or on the train. I was thinking about what i could eat on the journey as im on it for 7 hours!! so here is day 4 before it happens because I have been a good girl and planned my meals (new improved Gen!)

Breakfast - 1 slice of 50/50 bread with 2 slices of bernard matthews wafer thin turkey ham - I woke up at 5:00 am and this was all i could face

Lunch - apple fruit bag dunked in a VLF tesco strawberry yoghurt for my pud :) cucumber batons cherry toms, a celery stick and a some red pepper sticks dunked in some low fat pineapple cottage cheese (i mushed it up last night with the stick blender to make it less lumpy and more dippy it worked kinda good) Know i shouldnt really be having carrots yet but may snaffle 2/3 little carrot sticks i have only packed 3 in my cool bag as i think it wouldbe better to eat them than get to where im going and think oooooo starvin what can i have when the only thing near where im going is a spar full of choccie, the bus is always running late so i dont call Mr G to pick me up till it actually gets there or the poor lad can be sat there for hours.

Tea will be (finger crossed if Mr G remembers to get it on the way home from work) a Subway Turkey ham salad and if not it will be the maintenance bar i have stashed in my bag

I have also been a good girl and packed 2 litres of water even though this means using coach loo's ewwwwwwwwwwww

anyway thats day 4 down and im away days 5/6/7 Day 7 will be the same as day 4 but in reverse as im heading home
Day 5

Ok so things went a bit off the refeed plan today but it was still reasonably good for me food and I dont plan on spending the rest of my life being a bore about what i eat or spending money on bars etc we were out and about and it was a case of picking the best thing i could find off the menu.

Breakfast - in a cafe - 1 slice of toast no butter with a few baked beans, a couple of eggs scrambled split between myself and Mr G a couple of mushrooms and a grilled tomato chopped in half and quickly dry fried in a non stick pan.. i asked for a low fat brekkie and got one:) there was none of the usual cafe swimming grease on it, the majority of it looked like it had been cooked in a non stick pan or the microwave

Lunch - nothing was so flippin full from brekkie

Tea - chicken breast, lettuce, cherry plum tomatoes, cucumber,5 small new potatos, small forkfull of low fat coleslaw, small serving of VFF french dressing followed by a Cherry muller light for pud
Day 6 - Sunday

Breakfast - Nothing Went out with Mr G for a brekkie but the Q was huge so we decided to wait and just get an early lunch as it was 11:00 by the time we got ready got out stood in a Q etc

Lunch 13:00 - still wasnt that hungry but Mr G was starving so we went to the pub where i had a jacket potato with Chilli on the top, no butter but a little bit of grated cheese sprinkled over the top of the chilli finished it all but felt fit to bust

Tea - I was so full from lunch that I didnt have any tea, but later on at about 8 Oclock I had an alpro cherry yoghurt with a few oatiflakes sprinkled in it , also had a plum and a slice of leadammer light

Weighed myself when i got back from my weekend away on the scales i weighed myself on the day i got told to stop LT and they said i was the same weight after 6 days so i have been eating and not gained any weight.. not lost any but then again im not necessarily calorie counting at the mo im just eating when i am hungry and what i fancy and it just happens to be healthy(ish) stuff

I start Slimming world on Thursday the 9th of October so till then im just going to eat when im hungry (and by hungry i mean stomach growling hungry) and not eat when im not
Monday had a bad day yesterday as was travelling and hadnt prepared anything in advance, left very early so no shops open to stock up so raided Mr G's food cupboards and came up with something

Breakfast - Oatiflakes with a splash of milk (114Kcal plus a splash of skimmed milk hardly any calories)

Dinner - on coach 2 plums (40Kcals for the 2), 1 apple (53Kcal) a bag of Sainsburys wanabbe snackajacks (120 Kcals per pack) and 4 WW ginger and lemon biccies (188 Kcals for the 4) 401Kcals for lunch not good but not bad

Tea - 1 baked potato with 1/2 can of low cal/sugar/salt beans

The biccies were my downfall yesterday and the snackajack thingies if i had planned ahead i could have had a sandwich for the calories in them but i was too busy having fun and Mr G doesnt have bread in the house as he doesnt eat it so i couldnt make a sarnie! anyway lesson learned plan ahead for long journeys

Today - Tuesday

Breakfast - 2 slices of WW bread with 2 tomatos sliced and a poached egg, have also munched a pear, 2 tangerines had these when my colleagues were having their toast break

Lunch will be - Tuna salad with lettuce, tuna, cucumber, tiny bit of grated carrot, red pepper, spring onion and a tablespoon of VLF cottage cheese with chives.

tea will be - remainder of yesterdays tin of beans over either a jacket spud or 2 slices of WW bread.

Again not necessarily a healthy day but I havent been food shopping over the weekend so making do with what i have either in the house (or in the case of salad stolen from my sisters) its too much bread and carbs but still reasonably low cal so thatll do for now


Love God; Love People
Hi Genie, looks like you're keeping tabs on what you eat! When's your first WI on maintenance?
Hi Trimlee I am keeping track of what i eat it may not stick to the refeed schedule exactly but as my doc wanted me out of ketosis and eating as quickly as possible i have done it in a round about way and i am always concious of what i am eating and what will keep me full for longer on less calories.

My first WI on maintenance hmmmm well there is the issue, when i called the pharmacy to say that my doctor had advised me to refeed immediatley the woman on the phone started to waffle on and try to convince me to stay on TFR a while longer i obviously wasnt happy with their opinion as it was against my doctors advice so didnt go for a final WI before refeed and i decided to go it alone. I got some sample maintenance products from LT and ordered a few from them and I join SW in just over a week to help me keep track of my weight and keep me on the healthy eating track.

When I decided i wasnt going to get weighed at the pharmacy on Friday after the ladies attitude to my phone call i went and weighed myself on the scales in the local boots which i know have weighed me at 4lbs over the pharmacy scales the whole way through LT so on Thursday 18th September i weighed 16st 6lbs so i guess had i gone to the pharmacy that would have been 4lbs lost that week i weighed myself when i got back from my weekend away and still weighed 16st 6lbs so i had been eating for 4 days and not gained or lost (suppose i may have lost fat and gained water!). I will weigh myself next Wednesday evening on the boots scale as a reflection of this weeks being good and then join SW on Thursday and see what their scales say i will then go off the SW scales but may WI on the boots scales once a week also just for that weekend motivation to keep being good.



Love God; Love People
Good stuff Genie. You do what it takes.
It puzzles me when pharmacy staff have a not-very-helpful attitude....
Totally didnt get her attitude so just told her I would refeed on my own as i was following medical advice!


Brekkie - Tesco fruit & fibre bran flakes with skimmed milk 2 plums and a tangerine (it smelt like christmas and i couldnt resist)

Lunch - not had it yet but its a packed one so i know what im having.
3 slices of WW wholemeal malted danish bread spread with 1 laughing cow extra light and topped with 5 slices of bernard matthews wafer thin turkey ham, 1 Vanilla Muller light ,

1 apple at around 3ish for the mid afternoon munchies

Tea - prepared last night for warming up today
Turkey leek pasta bake made with wholemeal pasta, dry fried turkey strips, leeks cooked off in a pan with a little water, 1 tin of campbells condensed mushroom soup and 1 tin of batchelors condensed chicken and white wine soup both watered down a bit ,some chestnut mushroom. and about a handfull of low fat grated cheese sprinkled on the top. Have made it in a big rectangular lasagne dish to serve the whole clan so not that much cheese per portion.I will be eating about a cereal bowl full of it. may have this for lunch tomorrow also if there is any left but there usually isnt by the time my neices and nephews have had their share! would normally make this with white pasta hope it tastes ok with wholemeal
Brekkie - 2 slices of WW bread toasted with a tomato, poached egg and 3 slices of bernard matthews wafer thin turkey ham on it - god knows how i manage to eat this at 5:00am but i find if i just have cereal like yesterday i end up starving by 10 oclock!!

1 Plum and 1 Tangerine at 10:30ish

Lunch - VLF strawberry yoghurt from asda (lovely and creamy!) small portion of leftover pasta bake from last night which tasted even nicer reheated today am going to maccies to buy a brew and get away from my desk!

Dinner will be - 2 baby baking potatos with a couple of forkfulls of VLF cottage cheese with chives wizzed up to dippy consistency with few tiger king prawns (kind of cheats prawn mayonaise)

This week at work has been a bit hectic and i have really been craving bad for me stuff I have managed to mainly resist or to minimise it by snaffling fruit (albeit too much of it )instead of eating crup.
Today I gave in to my craving without even realising and ate a McDonalds hot apple pie its not the end of the world its 240 calories but i wasnt even sodding hungry !! i went in for a brew and on auto pilot asked for my old usual which was a brew and 2 hot apple pies. I sat down drank my brew and had absent mindedly munched a whole one whilst reading the paper before realising WTF am i doing I shouldnt be eating this! i launched the other one in the bin but i cant undo the one I ate. I am kinda feeling guilty but also dont want to feel guilty as that will just stress me out and more than likely send me off track totally. My initial reaction was miss tea tonight and save the calories i ate in the pie by missing the meal but that goes against me trying to get myself into only eating 3 meals a day and i may decide somewhere deep in my brain that its ok to cheat and eat crup as i can just skip a meal instead which obviously isnt an option so my plan is
I ate 240 calories i am going to have to go burn off those 240 calories on a monster bike ride tonight and i have no excuse because its not like i dont have lots of extra energy knocking around i have 240 calories worth of extra energy!!


Love God; Love People
Hi Genie, i find it helps me to plan in healthy snacks. Now i always have something between 50 to 100 calories available to munch on when I need it. Fruit or a yoghurt or carrot sticks or ryvita or jumbo snackerjack or crackers or slimfast biscuits. I have one mid-morning and one mid-afternoon. I also drink lots of tea with skimmed milk and sweetener. These definitlely help me not to grab the wrong kinda snack which is just too easy to do!
My problem yesterday was that I unknowingly did it i wasnt even thinking i am literally so stressed out with work that i didnt think. I have a fruit bowl sat next to me on the desk and i have kept it stocked up so if i get the munchies i just raid that but on auto pilot yesterday i bought crup and ate it.. i could kick myself i dont join SW till next thursday though so i have time to undo it. Havent had to clever a day today to be honest and have eaten a couple of things i could have done with not eating but i am not going to beat myself up about it. I will have time over the weekend to chill out and de stress and i will start afresh tomorrow morning

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