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Genuine comments saying I've lost enough. Ignore?


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I have comments from several different people who don't know each other that I've already lost enough weight. Now I know I've lost 5st 6lbs and have gone from a size 24 to a size 14 (bottoms) BUT I am still overweight and by a reasonable amount. Is it that I look so much slimmer compared to the old me as I know I almost look like different person BUT my BMI clearly still says I need to loose more weight.

So is it that people are worried as I have very severe mental health condition or are they being over nice because I look so much better?

I know I look smaller than I am. I don't want to loose my curves and some people have said I'll won't look good if I loose anymore. (and more than one) Which has really worried me as I planned (and need to) loose another 2 and half to 3 stone. I don't want to look worse because I lost my curves e.t.c. But I am really paranoid now that another 2 and half to 3 stone will actually make me look worse. But because of my BMI (and I do still feel fat) it's telling I still need to. So do I ignore the comments and carry on and planned?

I just wanted other people's thoughts on the situation from an outside point of view. And if other people have ever experienced this on their journey earlier than expected?
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It could be that your face looks thin at your new weight - I have quite a thin face and tend to look a lot slimmer from the shoulders up than I really am!
Why not have a chat with your SW consultant or the nurse at your GP's surgery and see what they think? They will have your health at heart.

It is also worth considering that people may be jealous of your weight loss - it's not uncommon for people to make *****y comments about people being "too thin" when they're fine.


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Hi hun, firstly well done on your brilliant weight loss.
Our stats were very similar when i started on the plan, I was 196lbs, 5 foot 4 inches tall and my target weight was and is 133lbs, my BMI was 33.6 and is now 22.8.
I understand when you say about being unsure what to chose as a target, its how you feel that counts. When i reached my target I knew it was what I felt confortable at. It seems to be my natural weight as Ive maintained it since reaching target 3 years ago. I think a member had written that she was in a similar conundrum so she decided to maintain for a month or so and waited to see how she felt once she had taken the pressure of herself a bit. Might be something to think about. Hope this helps hun. xxx Lobby


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I think it's what you're happy at and most importantly healthy at.

I'm 5'6 and I've been just over your current weight and knew I still had more to lose. Now even more if you read my thread in off topic so I don't hijack yours.

People don't like change and you might find some of it is a touch of the green eyed monster even if they don't realise it.

You've done brilliantly, keep going and don't let people's opinions sabotage your amazing efforts.


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Are you listening to these comments because you'd like 'permission' to stop losing?

How about losing the weight you planned to and if you do look as interesting as an ironing board, then put the weight back on!


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I had similar comments and was told I looked gaunt when I got to target. Someone recently told me I looked better than I did when I hit target, which is odd because I have maintained my target weight!
I think some people need time to get used to the new you.


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Hi frankied,
I think you are doing very well and if you want to lose more that is up to you. We are around the same weight and I know that I would like to lose at least 1 more stone. Why not aim for 1 stone loss and then see how you feel? You can always go lower if you are not happy at that stage but saying 2 or more stones to lose puts more pressure on yourself.


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Hey well done on your loss :D

You have targeted another 2.5-3 stone but perhaps you could give yourself a mini target before that which would take you into the upper end of the healthy bmi range. See how happy you are with your body then, take some photos of yourself at that weight and decide how you feel and whether you want to maintain at that weight or lose a bit more.

People carry weight differently too. For example, I am 5 ft 5 and weight 11 stone 2, I wear 14 bottoms and am now a size 16 top. My friend is the same height and 10 stone 7 and she weighs a size 10!! That's only 9 pounds lighter than me and even when I got down to 10 stone 3 last year, I still wore a 14 top and a size 12-14 bottoms.

Last year when I did slimming world I dropped from 11 stone 1 to 10 stone 3 in two months. All my clothes were looser and I had lost lots of stomach fat and I think I was almost fooled into thinking I was slimmer than I actually was! This is part of the reason I went off plan, I was looking at photos from last Easter today at 10 stone 3 and I realised I still needed a good 10 pounds off before I could be considered trim!! But someone else at that weight might have been really slim.


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Hi Frankied

You need to find a weight you are comfortable with. When I was a size 14 people said I didn't need to lose weight, I lost 2 stone , people said I was looking really good but didn't need to lose anymore weight, but I wasn't happy and I was still overweight, now at 4 stone people are saying I look amazing. I think the reason for it is the general perception of what normal is, is that it is overweight, therefore you're no longer seen as fat when your bmi says otherwise.

Also, my oh didn't want me losing too much weight as he didn't want me to lose my curves However, I'm a size 8 to 10 now and still have a 12 inch difference between waist and hips (so now looks more exagerated) and have gone from a 34f to a 30g/28gg so having lost weight I'm actually curvier, hence proving one doesn't necessarily lead to the other.

Sorry for the long rambly post, but I may have had a couple of drinks. xx


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If I remember correctly Frankied have you experienced issues with losing too much weight§
? Im sorry if this isnt you, but maybe if there have been those issues in the past people may be worried about you and want to make sure you dont go back to those extremes you went to previously. There is nothing wrong with wanting to lose more to be within your healthy bmi as long as youre losing in a healthy way and have a sensible attitude towards it.


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Hi Frankie, I have almost identical stats to you and while I am obviously miles healthier than I was there is still room to improve so I am aiming to lose another stone this year and then see how I feel about things. That would still leave me with an overweight bmi but I think it might be a reasonable, maintainable weight for me personally. Lose a bit more and see how YOU feel regardless of comments. Maybe do it in stone or half stone increments?