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george foreman grill

has anyone got a george foreman grill?? and would u recommend it?? I wanted to get one for after i finish cd to make healthy meals. I had a gt express thing but the chicken and stuff always stays soggy like and u can't really clean it a flannel wipe is no good... so what about the george grill is that washable or anyhting..
any advice from fellow "sensible eaters" i won't say dieters will be greatly appreciated.
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Hi babybaby,
I've got one, they're supposed to be healthier than grilling food.
They are washable, not sure I'd be able to use it more than once if it wasn't lol.


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Absolutely love my George Foreman grill. We even swapped from the small one to the bigger one! Makes meat juicy but not greasy, and very easy to wash. Heartily recommend :D
Ive got a big on and the family use it all the time.. They have things like home made burgers and sausage, steak, chicken even bacon... roasted veg is nice as well.. (That's enough I am dribblin now):drool:
I was amazed at the amount of gunk that dribbles out when things are cooking, things that pre-georgy we would have just eaten along with the meat...
Things do stay really moist in them as well..
my mum gave it to me though coz she couldn't gat the hang if it

(P.s I'm not on commission)
Couldnt do without my george formby!! Removable plates are a must, I got mine from the price drop TV shop, got some good things in there!
sorry that was a big one not big on???
posted that much tonight to stop me eating I can't feel the tips of mi fingers...


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I got a big one too........George foreman that is, its brilliant and easy to clean, its amazing how much fat comes out of the food and goes into the drip tray.
Hi ya, :) :)

I love my one, and I would cook everything on it if I could. It does what it say's and strips the fat from what ever you put under it.
Enjoy it....

Nick :D :D :D
thats just great...i'm going to go and buy my one today...
might get the small one... :eek:
The small one is just fine, if you fed a whole family you may struggle, shop around too, the removable plates one is great for me as I just stick them in the dishwasher, but I had the other one for years and it did me fine x
hey i ordered one. will get it teus..can't wait till add a meal to try it and also for maintenance after loss...
also can anyone tell me does the chicken and veg go in together...or does the veg go in afterwards sinc eit won't take as long to cook?:eek:


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Do the cheaper versions work as well??? There was one in Sainsburys today (own brand) for £15 and I was very tempted, but was a bit worried it might far inferior and false economy.
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they're good but messy to clean.
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hubby uses ours and is lazy. he takes the grill parts out and puts them in the dishwasher but never cleans around it and the grease tends to be at the back of the machine. there's times he sticks it away uncleaned too YAK! bane of my life. i don't use it being veggie, esp don't want old meat tastes on my food. lol. he does have a plastic spatula and also one of those ridge sponge things but it's using it.... MEN!


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I had one and it had these little bits on top where you could warm your bread or rolls. Then one of my daughters knocked it off the worktop and it smashed on the floor .... gutted. I am going to get another. I found find difficult to clean, it used loads of kitchen roll and was really a bit of a pian ...but I still loved it. Maybe one day they will make one with removeable plates to go in the dishwasher *sigh*.


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Hi I got mine ages ago. It's a different make a GI diet one or something but it was cheaper and had removable plates that i can just put in the dishwasher!!!! And i love it loads and loads.

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