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  1. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    So, 2013 is here and I'm still calling myself "curvy" in an attempt to hide the fact that I am - in actual fact - seriously overweight. So it's time to get back on WeightWatchers.

    I was on good old WW back in the day, and managed to lose a stone and a half - then I got cocky, thought I could keep going without tracking and BAM! I'm now the biggest I've ever been. Bad times.

    I adore this little corner of the interweb - for me, having constant reminders of peoples' great stories, and encouragement of others is the one thing I really need to keep me going - at least until I start seeing the physical changes.

    Hoping to keep a fairly regular diary of how this is going - and this time I'm not giving up!
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  3. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    Day 4
    So this is my day four - had what I thought was a reasonable snack last night of mackerel on toast but turns out mackerel has 7 points in it per can!! Oh my word. I was pretty shocked.

    Thankfully I'm off booze for Dryathalon for January so my weekly points won't go on the booze.

    I am super hungry at work today (making silly breakfast choices so I'm leaving myself with hardly any points and not having had filling foods) so I plan on buying some veg I can munch on the train journey home from work as that's always a hot spot for me, and then having some more with cous cous for dinner.

    I do *not* want to be the fat girl at work anymore. I can do this.
  4. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Hi huni here to subscribe!
  5. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    Thanks for subscribing :D do you have a diary? Would love to subscribe to yours too :)
  6. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    Day 8 (start of week 2)

    Well I thought I might have blown it over the weekend. I didn't drink (as I'm doing Dryathalon for Cancer Research this month) but I did have a cheeseburger after a night out, and also cheese on toast last night for a snack. Although to be fair, I only used 6 points all day before that so I don't think it did too much damage.

    Either way, I weighed in today and I've lost 5lbs!! I couldn't believe I've had such a big loss (for me) in just one week. I never used to lose more than 2/3 lbs when I was on the old plan, so I'm feeling really motivated and chuffed today and just want to keep it up. I really feel like I can do this, this time.

    Hope everyone who reads this is well :D x
  7. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    is this diary ur food diary or is one of the other threads ur posting on? im gettin all confused which one i sud b writing on lol!

    a cheeseburger yum! and weldone them points are there for things like that
  8. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    I've not really started a food diary yet - I guess I just fancied a wee diary to log how I was feeling about it but I'll maybe start putting what I'm eating on here too. I'll probably shame me into using my points properly, rather than still sneaking bad things for me as well in there :) (for example, today I was SUPER unprepared and had crisps for my breakfast. Bye bye points! Haha) x
  9. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    lol yeh start putting it on here coz this is in the diary section! i write on here everything i eat good or bad lol i bet ur crisps will only b about 3pp what were they!
    the weather int helppin i dnt think it helps at all lol! got the boys a stew cookin and it smells amazing but im not havin that for dinner but its been makin me hungry all day!!!
  10. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    Aah, I thought this was just a general diary place rather than a food diary as well. I'll start writing what I eat from tomorrow probably but I'll likely concentrate more on how I'm feeling - lol. I get lazy with writing what I'm eating over and above having to track it all :D

    Stew sounds amazing - don't blame you for feeling hungry. I am feeling pretty hungry just now - probably because I used 7pp on my crisps (it was a grab bag of Walkers - nightmare!) x
  11. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    Lol I write most days but others are general and me moaning so sorry in advance lol!

    7pp is that how much they are! I love crisps!xx
  12. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    No apologies needed - sometimes it's nice to see how others are managing as well. Makes us all feel more human :)

    Yeah - 7pp - I nearly cried. I'd guessed it'd be a lot though as they're the bigger bags. Crisps and all things savoury are definitely my achilles heel. I adore savoury food, cheese etc. x
  13. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    So, a little update for tonight - feeling really good. Managed to avoid snacking on the way home from work! :D

    Needed a little snack after dinner, so have made myself some crackerbread and Co-op "Good for you" brussels pate - only 2pp for 1/4 of a pack which feels like LOADS so I'm really chuffed :)

    Went into my weeklies because of the silly breakfast of crisps (sigh) but tomorrow I'm on the porridge and hoping that sorts me out for the day.
  14. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    Day 9
    Well today I've been a bit of a slave to forgetting my breakfast before I left for work, so I've fallen foul of a pre-packed sandwich from the sandwich lady at work but I have pointed everything so far so it's not all lost yet. Today's food:

    Sandwich from the trolley: 7pp
    Shapers Berry & Apple Stimulation Drink: 0pp

    Princes Italian Tuna Pasta: 6pp
    Carrot Sticks: 0pp

    Good for you meal (chicken & potatoes): 10pp
    Veg: 0pp

    Red Bull: 3pp (forgot to buy Sugar Free - nightmare)

    So far that's 26pp and I'm allowed 28 so I might nip to Poundland at lunch and get some of the WW snacks as I'm pretty sure that'll give me something to nibble on if I get hungry without going into my weeklies.

    I think my biggest difficulty for the moment is not having a decent breakfast. I'm going to try to get into the habit of this.
  15. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    hiya luv!

    i love pate so i bet u really enjoyed that coz i love it when i have it!!

    ur food looks really good hun and dnt feel guilty for using ur weeklies! i love poundland (i used 2 work at one in leeds!!)i love getting my ww bits from there i always come out with loads of ww crisps cakes crackers lol!

  16. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    Hiya :)
    The pate was *gorgeous* - felt amazing being able to have 4 crackerbreads with it for only 4pp - I was totally impressed so I'll be stocking up on that I think.

    Thanks for the feedback on my food - I was worried I'm not having enough filling foods and I'll probably be hungry later, but as you say, the weeklies are there for me to use.

    Coming down with a head cold I think so hoping that'll curb the appetite a little bit. Plenty of water for me, I reckon (I hate being ill!) :(
  17. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    make sure u have fruit when ur hungry if u dnt wanna use points in the day i always minch on grapes cnt get enough of them!
    and for dinner i have LOADS of veg so it fills me up but yeh defo dnt b afraid t use them weeklies!

    a head cold o no! i dnt like being poorly either i am the worst for bein poorly aswell i expect everyone 2 feel sorry fr me lol
  18. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    Good plan - grapes are gorge! I've got loads of veg in the house so I normally feel pretty full after dinner - it's just getting home between 8-9pm which I find is my normal danger area.

    My head cold has properly kicked in now - throat hurts and I feel mega tired. Think at this rate I'll be going straight to bed when I get in, and no dinner or anything. Feel rubbish. I always want everyone to feel sorry for me too - lol!
  19. SammieAnn87

    SammieAnn87 Gold Member

    yeh i get like that when lucas goes t bed so i have a ww pudding something like that naughty but good lol
  20. Sparkle88

    Sparkle88 Full Member

    Subscribed :) was reading your diary and it sounds great, I've got one also just started it tho, how you finding ww so far?
  21. thejoyofanonymity

    thejoyofanonymity Miss ChatterBox

    Sounds like a great plan :)

    Aw thank you - I've been off plan for the past couple of days. Had properly bad cold/flu thing and my stomach is really sore at the moment (Had gastritis before and I think it might be that again - bad times if it is, as last time I was hospitalised - eek!) but finding WW pretty easy to stick with. Not sure this week will end up too good though.

    How is your week going? I'll check out your diary - do you have the link? :)

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